Spring 2014 Restaurant Roundup

The Hibernian Pub in Glenwood South

Beer, bakeries, and bread might be the theme for 2014. Downtown Raleigh continues to see more openings than closings and while some places close, the spaces aren’t empty for long.

For a complete list of eats, drinks, and coffees in and around downtown, make sure to bookmark the DT Eats page. Try something new!

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Lots of cool stuff coming! I will say- who settled on the name “The Oakz,” Fred Durst? (haha) Also, great to see all these restaurants, bakeries, breweries, and bars…. but where’s the retail???? It feels like for every 10 restaurants opening, we get 1 new shop. Raleigh already has some really great boutiques/shops (Schoolkids, Sorry State, Father and Son, Deco, Estate Boutique, Social Status, Stitch, etc) but not nearly as many compared to the number of eateries. Happy to hear about all the above, except I was really rooting for a cool shop in the empty building between Second Empire and the Holiday Inn on Hillsborough Street.

BUT- definitely glad to see more bakeries opening! Gonna start to feel like a “city” city real soon.

In my opinion, the renovation of Hibernian turned out to be much more attractive than what the final renderings showed us. I haven’t had lunch there yet, but I would love to try, just so I can sit on the patio 🙂

Retail is usually one of the last pieces to come in a revitalizing downtown. They depend much more on foot traffic than restaurants and bars. They’ll come! And soon I’m guessing 🙂

Eric^ – excellent point; I would hope soon as well considering the number of ppl moving here every year!

I’d love to have a good way to showcase retail but it’s a different beast compared to eats. I think a list showing all the retail doesn’t work the same way.

When shopping, people typically go to multiple locations. When eating, it’s typically just 1 place. This shows the importance of creating retail clusters or districts.

I think in a downtown plan or vision, trying to create those districts in the future would help get retail really going in downtown. We just need to fill the empty spaces between the retail shops that we currently do have.

So exciting–especially if Happy and Hale gets a brick and mortar! Thanks for the list.

Happy + Hale is DEFINITELY getting a brick and mortar! Early June in City Plaza

A big plus about the new Hibernian is they took the sidewalk seating and put it upstairs, leaving more sidewalk room there. With the R-Line stop, it was a bit crowded many times and this greatly improves accessibility there.

Really excited about Taverna Agora coming to downtown.

How credible is the notion that Taverna Agora may move DT? It would be huge for me because I love that place. Please let it be true!!!!

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