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Carolina Ale House in Glenwood South
Construction at the corner of Tucker and Glenwood Avenue. The top floor will be a Carolina Ale House.

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  1. The top floor is not quite finished I’m guessing, right? It will be three stories? (someone correct me if I’m wrong)

  2. Jake, yea, I think they still have to bring up the tables & chairs. And as far as I can tell, the salt and pepper shakers must be behind schedule. :)

  3. How is it a shame? The design of this structure fits in perfect with the surrounding buildings. A 20+ story town on this corner would look horribly awkward on Glenwood South.

  4. I think that Downtown Raleigh, should first try to increase density before it tries to build huge skyscrapers.

  5. its perfect. Adds a sports bar with good food. Better than club and uses a spot where a old vacant building was. Best use!! Just need a small grocery store near Harrington/West Street or Wilmington & Peace near Elan and we are there.

  6. Thanks for the positivity, DPK Brandon and BC. Ppl complain too much…. this is Glenwood South y’all, not Fayetteville, this building is going to be great there.

  7. Not sure what the problem is either? I think it will be great. Can’t wait for it to open. Everything can’t be 10-20 floors.

  8. These 4 to 7 floor in-fill projects are perfect for this area. They add needed density in the neighborhood and a true urban experience to Glenwood South. Once The Gramercy begins to take shape traversing up and down Glenwood is gonna be a blast. Kudos to bringing the area to the next level after the dip we saw a few years back.

  9. Some little shops would fit perfect on the bottom floor, and maybe another restaurant or lounge on the second floor.

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