Glenwood South Construction Photos, November 2014

This week I went on a walk up and down Glenwood South and took some photos of random projects in the area. I just wanted to share some of them for those that haven’t been in that area recently.

The Link Apartments at the corner of West and Jones Street.

Corner of West and Jones Street. The Link Apartment projects will be going here.

Corner of Glenwood Avenue and Tucker Street.

Carolina Ale House sign is up at the corner of Glenwood Avenue and Tucker Street. The building will house another restaurant in addition to the Ale House, which is planned to open before the end of year.

Construction takes place at the Raleigh Beer Garden.

Work continues on the Raleigh Beer Garden.

606 Glenwood Avenue November 2014

606 Glenwood is under heavy renovation.

The Glenwood South and Carolina Ale House Saga Looking Positive

500 Glenwood Avenue, soon to be demolished for the new Carolina Ale House on Glenwood South

You almost don’t want to believe this until you see it. The story that has really turned me, and others I talk to, into pessimists is the one about the upcoming new building at 500 Glenwood Avenue. It is planned to house, in addition to other businesses, a Carolina Ale House and after almost five years, it looks like this project will finally get started.

In the coming days, we should see the building at the corner of Tucker and Glenwood Avenue come down and make room for a new, three-story building for a rooftop Carolina Ale House restaurant and additional retail space in the other floors. Some construction fencing is now up and even the R-Line stop at this corner has been moved down a bit along Tucker Street.

I have no doubt that the Ale House here will do some pretty good business as the brand has over 20 other locations to bring experience from. If you’ve never been, the Ale House is a sports restaurant with a “something for everyone” menu and an extensive beer list with enough choices for safe beer drinkers to try something new but not enough to satisfy the craft palate.

500 Glenwood Avenue, soon to be demolished for the new Carolina Ale House on Glenwood South

The beginning of the demolition to the building.

Let’s hope for smooth sailing ahead on this project so that doors will open in late 2014. Jump to this link to the Triangle Business Journal for a rendering of the upcoming building.

Restaurants Coming Soon, Eventually, Someday

I noticed the other day while walking down Hillsborough Street the “Coming Soon” sign in the building next to Second Empire. Don’t get excited about this if you are not already familiar with it, that sign has been there for over a year. Now I understand that the times are tough and the restaurant business is competitive but these “Coming Soon” signs have got to go.

Tyler’s Teaseroom

No one wants the Tyler’s Taproom rumor to die. It seems to pop up every now and then and any movement over at Seaboard Station has beer lover’s screaming for the taproom to finally open. First mentioned on the blog over two years ago, the Raleigh location tease is still up on their website with the “Coming Soon” details taunting you to keep believing.

Glenwood South Ale House

Mentioned in November of 2008, a new member to the rooftop drinking army of one was going to be Carolina Ale House at the corner of Tucker and Glenwood Ave. As of a few weeks ago, the “Coming Soon” sign was still up on the glass windows facing Glenwood. Reliable sources have told me that this Carolina Ale House is not happening so don’t let the sign fool you.

Signs from March 2009.

Of course, I would love to be wrong and for all these possibly great places to finally open up and contribute to downtown Raleigh. But after years of “Coming Soon”, the best the signs do is give the tourists something to look forward to on their next visit, or the one after that, or the one after that……

Small Glenwood South Update

I took a walk down Glenwood South last night and kept my eyes open for new stuff. The signs in the pictures above were at the building on Glenwood and Tucker. Some other points:

  • The corner space of 222 Glenwood is still empty. This can also be made into two spaces but right now the dividing wall has not been built.
  • Renovation work is being done on the building between Armadillo Grill and Solas.
  • Two parking spots were taken away from the area in front of The Hibernian for the R-Line. I recently heard of a complaint at this stop where the bus drove by and did not stop for a waiting pedestrian. Perhaps this will help with that and traffic flow.

Another Rooftop Bar For Glenwood South

Last week, the Triangle Business Journal had an article claiming that new restaurants are on the way to Glenwood South. 500 Glenwood Ave., a two story office building, will be getting a makeover and will house three new restaurants. A Carolina Ale house will be thrown onto the roof and Solas’s title of ‘Only Rooftop Bar In Town’ will disappear.

With Ale House and Tobacco Road Sports Café opening up soon, Glenwood South’s sports watching appeal will start increasing. Carolina Ale House has pretty much become the ‘official’ place to watch Hurricanes hockey so perhaps it will help build a fanbase of caniacs around downtown (I usually have to ask for the game rather then it being on by default). Also, Tobacco Road will house a remote broadcasting station for 99.9 The Fan. Live radio broadcasts can draw a crowd especially if local coaches or players are being interviewed.

Lots of room for outdoor seating in the back