Small Glenwood South Update

I took a walk down Glenwood South last night and kept my eyes open for new stuff. The signs in the pictures above were at the building on Glenwood and Tucker. Some other points:


  1. I noticed the recently improved bus lane signage outside Hibernian. Hopefully the police will be good at enforcing it…it really was hard to fit the bus there before. Fortunately the Willard Place stop a few blocks south didn’t have that problem.

    Carolina Ale House is well, interesting. I guess it could help spark some interest in downtown among folks who previously didn’t have much. Maybe. Personally, I’m more looking forward to Natty Greene’s coming to Jones Street. :-)

  2. In some of the original “Ale House” rumors it was floated out there that this building might end up being a couple establishments. Possibly a greek restaurant, or something else. Could have been speculation, or I might have read something wrong, but it would be great to have the Ale House on the top floor or two, and something different at ground level!

  3. I am looking forward to seeing Carolina Ale House and the other two venues opening in that corner. They will definitely bring more people to that side of Glenwood South, along with Noir, diagonally across from there.

  4. hackles10, you heard right. It will be a rooftop Carolina Ale House, a ground-floor Mediterranean restaurant and a basement-level wine bar/small restaurant. The two latter will not be high-end, but definitely elegant.

  5. Great news Ernest! Are you aware of any renovations to the outside of that building, or will it look pretty much the same at street level when all is said and done.

    Definitely headed in the right direction, with Noir, these 3 establishments, and Natty Greens.

    I am also excited about the Hargett Street area around Raleigh times. The Busy Bee should be a welcome addition, as well as something to eventually fill the Riviera space!

    Ernest, another question if you don’t mind fielding it…over the summer there was some discussion that the parking area in front of sushi blues, Zelly/Ritz, and Taiphoon was going to be built out and turned into a porch. Thought this was a great idea, and was hoping it hadn’t fizzled out completely! Thanks in advance.

  6. Hackles10, I heard the parking area conversion to outdoor seating idea has fallen through because of certain limitations of the building. Its something to do with fire code or maybe a permit of some sort, and it wasn’t pursued. Weak source but that is what I heard, may or may not be true.

  7. thanks leo. really wish that had worked out. Such a waste of space on Glenwood South for 6 parking spots!

  8. Regarding the Ale House location, I am sure they will do some exterior work, but I do not know any details. I didn’t hear anything about the parking area in front of Zelly/Ritz, but I would assume they will wait until the economy picks up a little. With 3 new venues – at least – it would be a major investment, so they may be taking a wait-and-see approach. It would be really nice, though :)

  9. I’d imagine they’d do some exterior work to that building. In its current state, it’s not inviting at all.

  10. I’m a little unfamiliar with this building but know the general Glenwood South area. Hopefully, no one will cheer to hard for their team and go over the top of Ale House. It is nice that there are some rooftop eateries coming into the area besides Solace (well that sticks out in my mind first). So beer, mediterranean, and wine? Sounds like some sorta tasty meal in and of itself.

  11. Just an update on Noir…It’s actually not a wine bar. It’s a European style lounge bar, with black crystal chandeliers, velvet sofas, large black bar, floor-length drapes up against the exposed brick walls, and a 900 sq ft street-side patio. Going for a higher sophistication than most bars, but with affordable prices for all…no $10, $12 or $14 martinis here. All the classsic drinks will be brought back with the inclusion of tomorrows trends. Think of it as a luxurious formal living room or hotel that you can actually party in.

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