The Glenwood South and Carolina Ale House Saga Looking Positive

500 Glenwood Avenue, soon to be demolished for the new Carolina Ale House on Glenwood South

You almost don’t want to believe this until you see it. The story that has really turned me, and others I talk to, into pessimists is the one about the upcoming new building at 500 Glenwood Avenue. It is planned to house, in addition to other businesses, a Carolina Ale House and after almost five years, it looks like this project will finally get started.

In the coming days, we should see the building at the corner of Tucker and Glenwood Avenue come down and make room for a new, three-story building for a rooftop Carolina Ale House restaurant and additional retail space in the other floors. Some construction fencing is now up and even the R-Line stop at this corner has been moved down a bit along Tucker Street.

I have no doubt that the Ale House here will do some pretty good business as the brand has over 20 other locations to bring experience from. If you’ve never been, the Ale House is a sports restaurant with a “something for everyone” menu and an extensive beer list with enough choices for safe beer drinkers to try something new but not enough to satisfy the craft palate.

500 Glenwood Avenue, soon to be demolished for the new Carolina Ale House on Glenwood South

The beginning of the demolition to the building.

Let’s hope for smooth sailing ahead on this project so that doors will open in late 2014. Jump to this link to the Triangle Business Journal for a rendering of the upcoming building.

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  1. The Caroline Ale House owner (Lou Moshakos) purchased the property for the restaurant way back in 2006. They wanted to start building several years ago, but legal issues related to an easement on the 510 Glenwood Property stopped the project. The easement issue was cleared in a trial just two weeks ago, allowing the project to finally move forward.

  2. Build something else then… I hate going to the Ale House and only went to the one on Wake Forest Rd when I was waiting for my car at Nissan. They’re dingy, decent beer is expensive, the beer lines are so dirty they destroy the taste of the beer, they have icy glasses that make it worse, and the food isn’t good enough to compensate. That being said, I’ve been looking forward to this one for years. It won’t be dingy, hopefully the beer lines will be cleaned more if it’s competing with all the other bars, and it will have cool rooftop view. Looking forward to this helping the growing “skyline” on Glenwood South.

  3. I’m not a sports-bar guy anyway. It’s still good to have another bar if it helps thin the crowds elsewhere. And it’ll get rid of a lingering dead-zone on Glenwood that we can certainly do without.

  4. The biggest problem for Glenwood South – and every new establishment in this district – will be regaining the lost momentum. It is not a secret that Glenwood South has lost its luster and I won’t get into the details about the reasons. No matter how many new businesses open, it will be an uphill battle to keep them alive. Lou Moshakos is a smart businessman and a decent person. I am sure he sees the value in his new investment and I hope he will help Glenwood South get some new patrons.

    On the other hand, with two new apartment buildings under construction, it will be much easier not only for the Ale House but for other businesses to survive. If more apartment buildings break ground nearby (West Apts 1 and 2, Gramercy, The Link, etc.) it will only get better.

    Just like most of downtown enthusiasts, I am happy to see this project finally move forward. No complains about the architecture.

  5. Glenwood has certainly picked up a “Myrtle Beach/New Jersey” vibe over the last several years. there are a few ‘oasis’ up and down the ‘Grand Strand’. It will evolve. Carolina Ale House is not a ‘club’, thank goodness so its the hair-gel crowd should not overwhelm it.

    my bigger concern is Hibernian. they had a great product and the rooftop just doesn’t seem to fit with the pub feel. It looks like they are cheesing it up to more closely mirror that monstrosity Solas

  6. Is it too much to ask that they dedicate 5 of their eleventy billion macro brew taps to being quality craft beers?

    I’m excited about the project, any infill like this that adds both street level presence and density are always a good thing. I’ve had some good times at Carolina Ale Houses, it will be a great option when looking for a downtown sports bar.

  7. Feels like “myrtle beach / new jersey” is pretty spot on

    To turn the tide Id think the street needs more decent restaurants to fill in in place of some of the clubs to change that feel (and someone open a club in Cary / Apex so the entirety of the hair gel doesnt have to venture downtown). Either way Carolina Ale House may not help but at the very least its not a club

  8. New Jersey Boardwalk / Myrtle Beach Grand Strand…haha so right on. And yes, Solas is so out of place…bienvenido a Miami y’all! Wish it could be more like Sixth Street or Pearl St. ..if it was going to be like anything at all.

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