Restaurants Coming Soon, Eventually, Someday

I noticed the other day while walking down Hillsborough Street the “Coming Soon” sign in the building next to Second Empire. Don’t get excited about this if you are not already familiar with it, that sign has been there for over a year. Now I understand that the times are tough and the restaurant business is competitive but these “Coming Soon” signs have got to go.

Tyler’s Teaseroom

No one wants the Tyler’s Taproom rumor to die. It seems to pop up every now and then and any movement over at Seaboard Station has beer lover’s screaming for the taproom to finally open. First mentioned on the blog over two years ago, the Raleigh location tease is still up on their website with the “Coming Soon” details taunting you to keep believing.

Glenwood South Ale House

Mentioned in November of 2008, a new member to the rooftop drinking army of one was going to be Carolina Ale House at the corner of Tucker and Glenwood Ave. As of a few weeks ago, the “Coming Soon” sign was still up on the glass windows facing Glenwood. Reliable sources have told me that this Carolina Ale House is not happening so don’t let the sign fool you.

Signs from March 2009.

Of course, I would love to be wrong and for all these possibly great places to finally open up and contribute to downtown Raleigh. But after years of “Coming Soon”, the best the signs do is give the tourists something to look forward to on their next visit, or the one after that, or the one after that……

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  1. Thanks for the updates. I go past the Carolina Ale House sign all the time. Wondered what was up. I hadn’t heard about the Tyler’s Taproom at Seaboard. That’s just a few blocks from me–hope it happens.

  2. Looks like the Tyler’s proposed location @ Seaboard is going to be a pet store.

    Would love to see tylers take over the carolina ale house location and have a rooftop deck.

  3. @hackles10: No, the pet store (Phydeaux) is going in the old Capital City Grocery location. Tylers was/is going over by Ace Hardware.

  4. Well aren’t you the little witty anonymous internet joker.


  5. I asked the owner of the Ale House a few months back about the downtown location and he mentioned that they’d had some trouble (with permits or something like that) but that it was back on track but sill a year out. Now whether or not that is just wishful thinking is anyone’s guess. Maybe we’ll see the Ale House within 3 years of the coming soon sign, here’s hoping.

  6. DPK: If you cared enough to do even a modicum of research, you’d learn that the location provided by Anonymous is correct, dumpster or not.

  7. DPK: Sorry to break it to you, but you’re wrong, and DTRaleigh is wrong. Tyler’s is NOT going into that location, but it IS going into the location that was posted by Anonymous.

  8. Cite your sources or stop talking in the third person. I can cite numerous other sources other than New Raleigh of the Peace China – Ace Hardware location. Where are your sources?

  9. Hi All,
    I want you all to rest assured the Carolina Ale House will be coming to Downtown Glenwood, the only question will be when. We are planning to put a large restaurant complex on that street corner, which is taking quite a lot of time working out the details with the city(size of sidewalk, impervious square footage, etc) and with the neighbor as they are supposed to provide us with trash removal. If we were just slapping the Carolina Ale House on the roof it would already be there. Trust me it will be worth the wait! Check out the link to see our most recent plans.

  10. Wow, Amber. Thank you for that information. The rendering looks great by the way.

    I know it does take awhile to bring these things out, especially in these times. Good luck with everything moving forward.

  11. Does anyone now what restaurant will be housed in the Hardee’s that closed on the corner of Durant Rd and Capital Blvd?

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