Green Square Parking Deck Rendering

Rendering of the parking deck facade on Edenton Street. This parking deck will be for the Green Square project. If you compare it to the real thing, you can see it starting to take shape.

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  1. No ground floor retail, just great. Another dead sidewalk experience. What is Downtown Raleigh Alliance, City Council and County Commissioners good for?
    Come on, this was a not brainer. Downtown does not need anymore buildings that do NOT draw activity or dead zones.
    When will this city learn to spend money and do it right the first time?

  2. I could be wrong, but isn’t the Green Square building a State Government backed building? Granted, the City should be impressing upon the State its desire for more ground level retail space in all future buildings, but I’m guessing that unless the City actually passes laws requiring a minimum of retail space for new structures the State makes the final call for what their buildings will contain.

  3. The City did request that the State add ‘retail’ as part of the ground floor. The State pulled the ‘State’ card and said ‘we are the boss and we don’t want to spend the money for that….’ and that was the end of that.

  4. Yeah, don’t blame the city on this one….purely a state government building. But you gotta consider, it’s still better than the dilapidated buildings and lots that were there before. And part of that complex is an addition to the Science Museum, so that’s still a public use as opposed to just offices. And adjacent to Green Square will be the new SECU building, which I understand will have a ground floor branch.

    At this point I’m not anal retentive about all new buildings having ground floor retail, when there’s plenty of spots still empty in the ones we have (RBC Plaza, West at North, Hue, etc).

  5. Looks like a great corner for an interesting food cart. Lots of surrounding state buildings (hungry employees) plus museums (hungry families), with no good food options unless you cross the Capitol grounds and head to Fayetteville Street.

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