Benelux Cafe Coming Soon

Spotted this on First Friday. Benelux Cafe will be in the same City Market space that Metro Cafe was in before on Blake Street. From their website:

Benelux Café is a Grand Café in Raleigh, NC and the perfect place to enjoy handcrafted espresso drinks and delicious pastries. We offer a selection of sandwiches, wraps, salads and of course Belgian ales and Dutch lagers. A cozy atmosphere to sit back, relax and enjoy. The ultimate combination!

Benelux Café is a mix of European adventures and American experiences. We welcome you to come visit us and stay a while.

Its nice to see another coffee shop that will have longer hours, and especially decent hours on Sundays. Looking forward to it.

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    None right now. Must be a new project.


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  1. This sounds interesting.
    Based on the name, I thought it was going to be a full-service Belgian/Dutch/Lux restaurant. I once had Belgian food at a place in DC and boy was it a tasty place to eat. I certainly hope they expand beyond just coffee and sandwiches and pastries. (Bring on the Mules frites & waterzooi!) :-)

  2. Benelux is the name given to the 3 country area in Europe; Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, Belgium is known for beer and chocolate, Netherlands is known to have a bland taste in food – favorite lunch is a sandwich (ham, cheese, or ham & cheese) with milk, and Luxembourg is a tiny tax haven not really known for food.

    Interesting choice for a name of restaurant.

  3. ^Belgium is actually known for more than beer or chocolate. They also have superb seafood, especially mussels (served with fries, or “frites”) and various stews called “waterzoii”. If we’re lucky, they’ll consider adding those to the menu.
    And I wouldn’t say all Dutch food is bland—their pastries can be quite a treat.
    Luxembourg food from what I hear is basically a blend of French and German. So there’s that.

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