Summer Restaurant Wave

This follows up the “Winter Restaurant Wave” written about 7 months ago. Here is, I hope, a complete list of new openings in downtown. Fill in the blanks for me and let’s get them all.

The Present

  • Champa Cafe opened about 3 months ago and is serving lunch, Mon-Fri from 11-6. They are located at the corner of Salisbury and Martin St.
  • 101 Café and Lounge is open in Palladium Plaza and is open everyday with different hours. They are at the corner of Blount and Davie St.
  • Peace China has now opened in Seaboard Station. The best part about them are their hours as they are open from 11am-10pm every day.
  • Cody’s has now been renamed to Thaiphoon. Need help on this one as I’m not sure if there is new management or what.

The Future

  • Waraji’s downtown location still has not opened and does not look close. However, it is moving along and they will be at the corner of Salisbury and Hargett St.
  • Solas is close to opening and rumor has it they will be up and running this summer.
  • Tobacco Road Sports Café is brought to us from the guys behind Amra’s and have landed space in the 222 Glenwood building. I recommend you follow their blog and give them feedback as they are trying to gain ideas from the community.
  • The upscale Neomonde restaurant has been quiet at the corner of Hargett and Wilmington St. lately. It sort of looks like there is activity here but there is nothing to really get excited about just yet.
  • Tyler’s Taproom will create a location at Seaboard Station between Peace China and Ace Hardware.
  • Boylan Bridge Brewpub continues work as we all wait patiently.
  • The Marriott Hotel’s early opening in July may present a new retail option to all of us. According to the site plan, there is a space for a “coffee shop” and “restaurant” right on Fayetteville St. No news yet on what may be in these two spaces.

Lots of retail space on the ground floor of 222 Glenwood

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  1. I went to Cody’s last night during the torrential rain and ever so appropriately found it to be renamed “Thaiphoon.”

  2. Bugs me that Champa is lunch-only. I wish they’d at least try dinner for Fri & Sat. Maybe they’re waiting on RBC, Convention Center and Marriott to open and bring in more foot traffic.

    As for Marriott, I can’t remember where I heard it, but I think I recall hearing that their restaurant will be Italian. But don’t quote me on that one.

    I also hear that Brueggers will be in 222 Glenwood.

  3. Oh…and also under “The Present” you could mention that Bistro 607 is now Tasca Brava.

  4. Are the going to dress up the retail store fronts? Hopefully they do not leave it looking like this picture, very ugly, no character.

  5. Brueggers is right, Dunkin Doughnuts will go in there too I believe. Siti is the new restaurant side of Neomonde, and I really think that the Tylers is going next to Tookies, not between Ace and Seaboard – but I may be very wrong. Anyone know? The windows are all papered over in that space, but it could be something different…

  6. I heard the Marriott restaurant was indeed going to be a Tuscan grill/bar named ‘Posta’. Kinda unfortunate play on Pasta even if unintentional, and a little too close in name to Sosta. Speaking of, Sosta now has their ABC permit so they should be starting evening hours in the near future.

  7. Convention goers are going to want a variety of foods within walking distance. I just do not see variety (absolutely nothing West of the center – please, do not say BBQ).

  8. Cecil, Very curious to see how things go evenings for Sosta.

    Definitely want to see what goes into Depot. Anything has to work better than the last fiasco.

    Still waiting patiently for the “Waraji” and “Neomonde”.

    All the same, ready for some more good cheap eats. Can we get another “Rockford” please?

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