Martin Street Pizza

Have you peaked into Martin St. Pizza lately? The place looks like it should be opening soon and the new signs out front might be supporting my claim. There is also a huge sign inside waiting to be strung up. Will MSP finally satisfy our pizza cravings?

This is just one more spot to tack onto the Martin and Fayetteville St. intersection activity. Although the Downtown Events Center is closing down, there are more spaces coming. RBC Plaza will offer retail here as well as the renovated spaces next to Port City Java. Exciting things are a coming.

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  1. This location is a great example: Level this (2 story) building, build a 40 story (minimum) tower, ground floor retail, 10 story parkeing deck, with offices above (no condo’s, but apartments – right in the heart of downtown).

  2. Can this city stop using street names for businesses and buildings (Martin Street Pizza, does not sound like authentic Italian Pizza and does not sound appetizing, who is the chef/owner Dean Martin?).

  3. Sources tell me good things, even if the name is kind of lame. I would wait until you give the place a try before coming to any conclusions (or just read about it here on RalCon).

  4. I know where they were going with the logo in the window. But, with the ‘M’ implied with the photo being the Nassau Street Local of the BMT subway, then the circle should have been brown. A yellow circle would be either N, R, Q or W from the BMT/IND Broadway lines. So, there’s your New York subway trivia for today!!

  5. I am definitely awaiting Martin Street Pizza’s grand opening! I have had the pleasure of chowing down on their family recipe homemade meatballs and they are incredible! I hope that they include them on the menu… cause I would welcome the weight gain if I could eat them everyday for lunch!

    Definitely a place to check out!

  6. Martin Street Pizza is a great name simply for the fact that it lets you know where the place is. I’m sick of getting confused in this town trying to find places that get too snazzy with their names. I want to know when I need to start looking for a parking space.

    Do you want some stereotype name with a cartoonish italian painted on the window to let you know how “authentic” the pizza is?

  7. Good area and choice for a pizza place
    building looks like it needs a bit of sprucing up to make it into an attractive , welcoming pizza place

  8. I hate to do this. I really wanted Martin Street Pizza to be awesome and do well. I’ve wanted more cool places downtown and have actually given them more benefit of the doubt than I normally would. But my visit today was the nail in the coffin.

    Stopped in friday with some friends for a bite and lunch-beers. I got the ceasar salad, which happened to be missing croutons, one of the 4 main ingredients in a ceasar. upon inquiry the waitress notified me that they were out. A bit of Information that would have been a helpful aid in my salad decision. When the pitcher of room-temp yuengling arrived, it failed to fill four pint glasses. And when we settled up, we discovered that the pricing broke down to over $4 a beer… for yuengling! So in essence, unlike every other restaurant and bar you’ve ever been to, your beer costs more when you order a pitcher at Martin Street Pizza. And it will be warm. And it won’t actually produce 4 standard size beers.

    As sad as I am to say it, Martin Street Pizza has blown their chances to be in the list of cool downtown places to hit up for a beer or a bite to eat.

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