Worth Bagley Statue

On May 11, 1898 Ensign Worth Bagley , a native of Raleigh became the first casualty of the Spanish American War when a Spanish shell hit his US Navy ship, the Winslow, during the ship-to-shore Battle of Cardenas, Cuba.

Ensign Bagley was given a hero’s funeral in Raleigh and his memory preserved in a statue located on the grounds of the North Carolina State Capitol.

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On May 11, 1998 Ernesto De La Fe and Leopoldo Suarez, natives of Cardenas, Cuba along with their friend, Hernando Ovies native of Guines, Cuba marked the 100th anniversary of Ensign Worth Bagley’s heroic death by placing a wreath at the statue on the grounds of the North Carolina State Capitol and smoking Cuban cigars lit be the NC Commissioner of Agriculture Jim Graham, who has a building named after him on the NC State Fairgrounds.

This coming Sunday May 11th will be the 110th anniversary of Ensign Worth Bagley’s death and this hero is but a faint memory in the minds of the Downtown Raleigh denizens.

The Ensign Bagley statue on the grounds of the North Carolina State Capitol is not even mentioned in the Walking Tour of the popular informative website called the Raleigh Connoisseur on all things relative in Downtown Raleigh.

Who will place a wreath at this hero’s statue for the 110th anniversary of his death?

Thanks, Padrino!

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