BeerCon: The Flying Saucer

The online activity about Raleigh has really been picking up lately. It is obvious I love to discuss downtown Raleigh happenings with anyone. Blogs and forums are getting more traffic and interest as downtown grows. But the conversations do not stop there. They continue offline in the coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. So as part of my continuing effort to promote downtown, I’m starting a BeerCon series that will highlight the many watering holes in the area.

The Flying Saucer is not a Raleigh original but with about 80 beers on tap, you cannot say that there is not a beverage that meets your taste. Claiming to have over 200 beers total, the saucer hits every angle on the beer lover’s spectrum. With a new menu updated each season, they are one of the more reliable places to get your favorite seasonal ales. One of my favorite things to do is to jump into a new beer simply because it has a funky name. They also have memberships and after consuming 200 different beers, you will be immortalized with your own plate on the wall.

Some wine
A couple TV’s for games
Outdoor seating (dog friendly)


328 W Morgan St
Raleigh, NC 27601
(go to map)
(919) 821-7468

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  1. I love the Flying Saucer. Can’t wait to see what other watering holes you feature!

  2. Ah Saucer. It is easily one of the best outdoor seating watering holes I know of anywhere. The only real question is if the Beer Club would be an innocent adventure or the death of me.

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