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The shelves are being filled at the North Street Beer Station, a Glenwood South bottle shop that will officially open within the next few weeks. It seems we’re working towards each downtown district getting their own bottle shop. Fayetteville Street has Paddy O’Beers. The Warehouse District has Tasty Beverage Company. The Bottle Shop at Tyler’s […]

Paddy O’Beers Bottle Shop Coming To Fayetteville Street

The downtown Raleigh beer drinking scene is a varied one and the next group to step in are the folks behind Isaac Hunter’s Oak City Tavern and Coglin’s. They are planning to open a bottle shop for the retail spaces in the Alexander Square parking deck facing Fayetteville Street, across the street from Isaac Hunter’s, […]

Trophy and Crank Arm Bring New Breweries To Downtown Raleigh

The craft beer choices within the bars, shops, and restaurants in Downtown Raleigh are some of the most varied and plentiful compared to the rest of the city. Downtown has several bars that only serve craft and there are many occasions where patrons ordering Bud or Miller are trying something new. Coming soon are two […]

Big Drafts at Natty Greene’s In Downtown Raleigh

The landmark of powerhouse square in Glenwood South, the Raleigh Electric Company Power House building, has been empty for over a year now but that will all change soon. Greensboro based Natty Greene’s has moved in and will open very soon. The furniture is in place, the beer tanks are brewing, and staff training is […]

BeerCon: The Busy Bee Cafe

The Busy Bee Cafe has returned to downtown Raleigh but with a different flair then its earlier setup in the same location back in the early 1900’s. Open early for the morning, coffee lovers and late for the night owls, the Busy Bee has an extensive menu for any time of the day. A beer […]

BeerCon: Slim’s Downtown Distillery

If you never knew about this place, you may be surprised to know that you have driven by it a million times when coming into downtown on Wilmington St. Slim’s is a downtown bar for the musically stimulated. Live music is the key element that brings people together and they serve it up right with […]

BeerCon: Tir Na Nog

The first challenge of experiencing Tir Na Nog is learning to say it correctly. Once you’ve got it down, and are now educating everyone you know on the proper pronunciation, you can dive into the very roomy pub for a variety of entertainment. The activity surrounds a large circle bar in the center of the […]

BeerCon: The Raleigh Times

The Raleigh Times is more then just a watering hole but a downtown Raleigh museum. At the site of the old newspaper, this restaurant displays Raleigh’s past with newspaper printings and photos scattered throughout the dining room and bar area. Even the torn up walls are on display, some covered transparently and not hidden from […]

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