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North Street Beer Station

The shelves are being filled at the North Street Beer Station, a Glenwood South bottle shop that will officially open within the next few weeks.

It seems we’re working towards each downtown district getting their own bottle shop. Fayetteville Street has Paddy O’Beers. The Warehouse District has Tasty Beverage Company. The Bottle Shop at Tyler’s Taproom is in Seaboard Station. Throw another in City Market and that would round it out.

There’s some good beer drinking to be had in downtown Raleigh. Cheers!

Paddy O’Beers Bottle Shop Coming To Fayetteville Street

The downtown Raleigh beer drinking scene is a varied one and the next group to step in are the folks behind Isaac Hunter’s Oak City Tavern and Coglin’s. They are planning to open a bottle shop for the retail spaces in the Alexander Square parking deck facing Fayetteville Street, across the street from Isaac Hunter’s, a popular weekend spot.

Paddy O’Beers (Patio beers???) will sell craft beers in bottles and kegs. They also plan to set up some outdoor seating in front (a Paddy O’ perhaps?) and a tasting bar so drinkers can hang for a bit.

The beer options in downtown Raleigh are extensive and continuing to grow. Expect Paddy O’Beers to open within a few months.

Trophy and Crank Arm Bring New Breweries To Downtown Raleigh

Trophy Brewing Company Growler

The craft beer choices within the bars, shops, and restaurants in Downtown Raleigh are some of the most varied and plentiful compared to the rest of the city. Downtown has several bars that only serve craft and there are many occasions where patrons ordering Bud or Miller are trying something new. Coming soon are two new offerings for downtowners to sip on.

Trophy Brewing Company, a new project by those behind the Busy Bee Cafe, will be serving seasonal beers in the former Burger Hut location on Morgan Street. Set to open in February, the small brewery stays true to its homebrew roots.

I stopped by Trophy recently and talked to David Lockwood and Chris Powers about the new place. With a glass of “Batch #1” in my hand, they took me through the tasting room and the brewery room. Brewer Les Stewart was there, wading through a web of wet hoses as he explained their brewing process. “Stainless steel is a beautiful thing,” he said while wrapping up for the day. This guy is genuinely excited about taking on the challenge of running this small brewery.

Size is not something Trophy is concerned about right now, the place is already full of equipment. With that, you’ll most likely only catch Trophy’s beers on Morgan Street. Since experimentation is so key to the guys behind the new brewery, expect new tastes every season by Trophy or through collaborations with others.

Unique to Trophy is also the option of a 32 ounce growler, pictured above. The thought is that smaller amounts will serve drinkers better than the typical 64 ounce sizes since growlers are essentially an open beer bottle so freshness takes a hit.

Trophy Brewing Company

The new bar will cater to the occasional beer drinker as well. A full bar and some wine will also be available. At first, the new place will be open from 5pm to midnight, Sunday to Thursday and closing at 2am on Friday and Saturday nights.

Later this year, expect the entire space to be opened up for more guests as well as some outdoor seating and a kitchen. Food items will include pizza and sandwiches as well as expanded lunch hours.

Pedal Powered Brewery?

Downtown’s Warehouse District is now getting into the brewing process. Crank Arm Brewing Company will open this spring in the former White Collar Crime location on West Davie Street.

The brewery is an extension of the rickshaw company, Crank Arm Rickshaw, which operates all over downtown Raleigh. So now, the guys at Crank Arm will be moving not only people but beer in their rickshaws. From a recent press release,

Beer is delivered via rickshaw or waste veggie-oil powered truck in order to minimize the company’s impact on the planet.

Crank Arm Brewery
Crank Arm’s Future home as seen in December 2012.

In addition to brewing, there will also be tasting on Davie Street as the space will include a bar.

The brewery will open with two staple brews; the Rickshaw Rye, a Rye India Pale Ale, and the White Wall Wit. Four other seasonals will be rotated to give drinkers something new to look forward to throughout the year.

Up until their opening, Crank Arm is giving away rewards for anyone that helps them through their kickstarter campaign. Watch the video below and back them.

If you’d like to try some Crank Arm beer, head down to Raleigh Times tomorrow for their event celebrating the kickstarter.

Beer Tasting / Crank Arm Brewing Kickstarter Launch

Date/Time: Fri., Jan. 25 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
The Raleigh Times
14 E Hargett St, Raleigh, NC
Raleigh, NC 27601

Cheers to all the beer fans out there! I know I’m looking forward to the new spots.

Big Drafts at Natty Greene’s In Downtown Raleigh

The landmark of powerhouse square in Glenwood South, the Raleigh Electric Company Power House building, has been empty for over a year now but that will all change soon. Greensboro based Natty Greene’s has moved in and will open very soon. The furniture is in place, the beer tanks are brewing, and staff training is currently underway.

For those that have been to this beautiful space at 505 West Jones Street when Southend Brewery was open, you will be familiar with the restaurant setup. Left of the entrance is the restaurant with space for couples, families, and large groups. To the right is the bar area with high tables and chairs. Each are separated by the huge beer tanks in the center, on display for everyone to see. The upstairs “loft” will be used for private parties or large functions. The back room through the bar is the game room with another bar, pool tables, dart boards, and a shuffleboard.

Natty Greene’s is open now but look for an official opening date around St. Patrick’s day.

BeerCon: The Busy Bee Cafe

The Busy Bee Cafe has returned to downtown Raleigh but with a different flair then its earlier setup in the same location back in the early 1900’s. Open early for the morning, coffee lovers and late for the night owls, the Busy Bee has an extensive menu for any time of the day.

A beer drinker’s spot for sure, the cafe serves up a great selection of brews picked by guys who know this stuff inside and out. Kegs are rotated frequently so lots of new beers are on tap for your drinking pleasure. Follow their blog or twitter for updates when new beers arrive.

Outdoor seating

Website: http://busybeeraleigh.com/

225 South Wilmington Street
Raleigh, NC 27601
(go to map)
(919) 424-7817

BeerCon: Slim’s Downtown Distillery

If you never knew about this place, you may be surprised to know that you have driven by it a million times when coming into downtown on Wilmington St. Slim’s is a downtown bar for the musically stimulated. Live music is the key element that brings people together and they serve it up right with many local bands giving Raleighites terrific ear candy.

The beer selection is not the best but that is not the point; rock music and Triple Karmeliet do not play well together. Slim’s has atmosphere for you and friends to meet up. They have games, outdoor seating, and a big bar that serves everything you would expect from a quality watering hole. I’m getting kind of good at the bowling arcade game so watch out fellow bowlers.

Arcade games
Pool table
Live music
Outdoor seating

Website: http://www.myspace.com/slimsdowntownraleigh

227 S Wilmington St
Raleigh, NC 27601
(go to map)
(919) 833-6557

BeerCon: Tir Na Nog

The first challenge of experiencing Tir Na Nog is learning to say it correctly. Once you’ve got it down, and are now educating everyone you know on the proper pronunciation, you can dive into the very roomy pub for a variety of entertainment. The activity surrounds a large circle bar in the center of the room with a stage on one side and bar games at the other. Tir Na Nog is a no brainer if you have a large group as they have plenty of room for those groups of bar golfers out there. Located right across the street from Moore Square, they are one of the anchors of night time activity after events in the park.

Outdoor seating
Live music
Late night food

Website: http://www.tirnanogirishpub.com/

218 S Blount St
Raleigh, NC 27601
(go to map)
(919) 833-7795

BeerCon: The Raleigh Times

The Raleigh Times is more then just a watering hole but a downtown Raleigh museum. At the site of the old newspaper, this restaurant displays Raleigh’s past with newspaper printings and photos scattered throughout the dining room and bar area. Even the torn up walls are on display, some covered transparently and not hidden from us. Bounce over to the website for more paper and building history.

The Raleigh Times is a popular location for those that prefer outdoor seating and a varied selection of beers. On top of that, there is a very comfortable long bar, dining room, and smoking bar inside (dubbed Smoking Times). Taps are always changing and I encourage you to try something different each time you visit.

Outdoor seating

Website: http://www.raleightimesbar.com/

14 E Hargett St
Raleigh, NC 27601
(go to map)
(919) 833-0999