2011 Summer Restaurant Roundup

Downtown Raleigh just keeps adding on to it’s long list of drinks and eats. This summer we have a few openings and more to look forward to as early as this Fall. The usual restaurant roundups are quick and easy so here’s the list.

  • Beasley’s, on the corner of Wilmington and Martin Street, had their soft opening this past weekend and the brown paper over the windows should come down sometime very soon. This is the first of three new places brought to this corner by Ashley Christensen, owner of the already popular Poole’s Diner.
  • The good fellas at Isaac Hunter’s Oak City Tavern have expanded over to Glenwood South. Joel Lane’s Public House is now open in the former space of the short lived restaurant The Artisan, located behind The Diner. I haven’t been but I better see some cherry bounce there.
  • According to their website, Calavera, an empanadas and tequila bar, will be open this month. This is the space previously occupied by 101 lounge at the corner of Davie and Blount Streets.

  • There are signs up in the corner space of the 222 Glenwood Building for an Indian place called Blue Mango. This brings the 222 Glenwood building one step closer to filling in all the retail space on the ground floor.
  • As mentioned very early this year, a Pan-Asian restaurant is being put together on the ground floor of the RBC Plaza tower. We’ll have to keep an eye on this as the last update was it opening “later this year”.
  • Battistella’s, on the corner of Martin and Blount Streets, is showing progress but still has not opened. The last update was a May opening and clearly that hasn’t happened. Unpredictable this restaurant business but their website claims a late August opening.

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  • And finally, from the owners of Mosaic, Babylon has opened in the old knitting factory on McDowell. I took the picture above when I walked over and this place has some very swanky outdoor space. A wide angle and a little less light could make for some great pictures. I’m looking forward to trying it and hanging near the pool on a cool night sometime soon.

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  1. I hadn’t heard about Blue Mango. I did hear about an Indian place going in next to Napper Tandy’s. That could bring us from no downtown Indian restaurants to two rather quickly.

  2. That’s right @RaleighRob, there’s an Indian place called Mantra which will open soon next to Napper Tandy’s. I gotta say, they have a menu posted outside, and it ain’t gonna be cheap.

  3. I will need to check out Babylon. Very interesting setting and a much needed addition. That entire area between Glenwood South and State Government complex screams for re-development and Babylon certainly makes a good use of an older building.

    I wish ALL the new establishments good business!

  4. Babylon is awesome. Meal was 18, which isn’t cheap but mine was worth in and then some. Good cocktails, the ambiance (esp outside on a warm summer night like when we went) is amazing. They need to work on the local beer selection, but that’s not a sticking point since there’s plenty of places for that. I can’t wait to go back, though some of these other new restaurants are gonna be hard for me to ignore!

  5. @Manuel – Right, Mantra that’s it. If they are gonna be pricey then let’s hope Blue Mango is a more affordable option when it comes along. I love Indian food, but I ain’t rich. lol

  6. Is blue mango taking the entire corner space of 222 glenwood. Any news on Zaky Mediterranean or the yogurt shop…the work there seems to have slowed down to almost nonexistent!

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