Restaurant Roundup Falling On You In 2011

I really think that the new restaurant talk in the news and around town comes in waves. Maybe it’s a seasonal thing. Or I only think about it four, convenient times a year. Anyway, an update each season seems appropriate so let’s run through the new and upcoming in downtown Raleigh eats.

  • Tyler’s Taproom is under construction in Seaboard Station. The photo above shows that they have removed the trash bins from the front and are building, what is most likely, an outdoor patio. The new drywall inside needs paint to match the large beer logos on the brick walls. The restaurant will be big, filling the front to back space of the Seaboard Station building along Seaboard Avenue.
  • Calavera has now opened at the corner of Blount and Davie Streets.
  • The Indian restaurant, Blue Mango, is still being worked on in the 222 building on Glenwood Avenue. As I walked by I saw plates being unboxed so perhaps they can open this fall as their website states.
  • Right next door, Tutti Frutti will start serving frozen yogurt on November 2nd according to a sign posted on the door.
  • And next to that, the Mediterranean food shop, Zaky, looks like it could open soon too.
  • Volcano Cafe and Lounge is open at 108 East Hargett Street.
  • Next door to that is a “Coming soon” sign for a new pub called London Bridge
  • Zinda, the pan-asian restaurant from Eschelon Hospitality was mentioned in a great article over at the N&O; Eschelon bucks restaurant trend.

Steel is put in for the second floor of the upcoming restaurant Zinda. (via @zindaraleigh on Twitter)

  • Mantra, an Indian restaurant on West Street, is now open.
  • A spanish style tapas restaurant called Oro will open in one of the ground floor spaces at RBC Plaza on the corner of Wilmington and Martin Street.

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  1. I haven’t tried Mantra yet, but mostly because the prices on the menu online frightened me away. I’m hoping Blue Mango will be at a more casual pricepoint…or at least provide some competition!

    I’m kinda excited about Tylers. I’ve been to the ones in Carrboro and Durham, and while it’s a decent representative of a genre we already have here in Raleigh—I’m more excited because it finally gives the Northeastern Quad of downtown a casual bar, which it is pretty much currently lacking.

  2. Getting just spoiled in Raleigh. I can’t imagine all of these will be here in two year’s time, but its a great time to be a foodie in Raleigh.

  3. ^ @LB- It is a good time, but I think most of these can stay if the city’s residents support them. I’m constantly trying to get my friends, coworkers and family in the suburbs to give more of them a try instead of chains. Like Chinese? Don’t go to PF Changs, try Five Star. Like Italian? Forget Olive Garden, come try La Volta. You know, stuff like that.
    They usually complain about finding the place and getting parking, but once you get them IN the restaurant they usually realize how much better it is.

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