Glenwood South Construction Photos, November 2014

This week I went on a walk up and down Glenwood South and took some photos of random projects in the area. I just wanted to share some of them for those that haven’t been in that area recently.

The Link Apartments at the corner of West and Jones Street.

Corner of West and Jones Street. The Link Apartment projects will be going here.

Corner of Glenwood Avenue and Tucker Street.

Carolina Ale House sign is up at the corner of Glenwood Avenue and Tucker Street. The building will house another restaurant in addition to the Ale House, which is planned to open before the end of year.

Construction takes place at the Raleigh Beer Garden.

Work continues on the Raleigh Beer Garden.

606 Glenwood Avenue November 2014

606 Glenwood is under heavy renovation.

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  1. It’s just shocking how much is going on in the neighborhood. This doesn’t even include the Devon wrapping up or the Link apartments just a block east.

  2. Yep Adrian. You are correct. In my post turkey coma, I misspoke. I meant to call out Gramercy instead of Link. :-)

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