Glenwood South Hampton Inn Ready For Construction, Pics

Here at the corner of Glenwood Avenue and Johnson Street demolition occurred to make way for a future Hampton Inn hotel in downtown Raleigh. We saw pictures of that about two weeks ago and now the slate is clean for the hotel to be built.

Take in the openness as this intersection will start to rise over the next year or two. Perhaps the hotel may convince the state to put some crosswalks at this intersection. Yes, the state manages Glenwood Avenue and they are the ones we need to work with for any improvements to Glenwood. Keep that in mind.

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  1. The final hotel site plan was amended to remove the curved brick paver for dropping off and picking people up along Johnson Street. The city was concerned about disrupting pedestrian flow along the sidewalk.

    The hotel was well received by residents at 510 Glenwood, who will receive special room discounts for guests and complimentary use of the pool and gym.

  2. any idea when the break ground on the actual structure?

    So there is no entrance, curved drive to drop off? Its just going to be building on both sides, with a door to enter and a parking deck across the street?

  3. Guests will need to park along the street for drop off and pick up. There will be a curved walk up, but not drive up – not wanting cars to cross the sidewalk.

    Guests will be directed to drive over to the parking deck, and then walk across the street to retrieve their cars.

  4. Hmm.. No drive up.. to bad there could not be a pedestrian bridge across the street to the garage.. could provide for good views and Valet on the 1st floor.. OH well..

  5. Meh, pedestrian bridges between buildings decrease the pedestrian footprint downtown. I’m glad there isn’t one.

  6. I agree with DPK… We don’t need “features” that decrease the pedestrian activity, especially skybridges. The latter may address some needs in larger cities (i.e. NYC) but take away from the ground level experience in places like DT Raleigh.

    Unrelated to this project, but equally important, is the proposal of a new apartment building, close to the hotel. There is a proposal for a 7-story apartment building, called West Apartments, for the lot adjacent (behind) West At North. It will look identical to the latter, but it will create more attractive environment along West and Harrington Streets, which is a positive thing for the Glenwood South Hampton Inn guests.

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