Crash of the Resident Wave, Looking Down The Pipeline (10/10)

Plans for The Gramercy
This is part 10 of a 10 post series, rolled out all week, on residential projects in downtown Raleigh. Go here to see all the posts so far.

This week, we’ve covered a lot of residential projects. Looking across the week’s content, I estimate that a total of 1400 units are now under construction and there’s still more to come.

Corner of Glenwood and North Street in June 2014, future home of The Gramercy

Corner of Glenwood and North Street in June 2014, future home of The Gramercy

The Gramercy is another Glenwood South apartment building planned for the northern side of North Street between Glenwood Avenue and Boylan Avenue. From a December 2011 post:

The building will add retail spaces which only helps fill in the gaps within Glenwood South. There is currently nothing there now that contributes to the pedestrian experience starting at the corner of Glenwood and North, past the always changing two-floor, club building and up to Cafe Helios. Plus, retail spaces along North Street will add more shop and restaurant density to Glenwood South giving it potential to lengthen its entertainment resumé.

*The Gramercy Apartments Eyes Glenwood South, We Dive Into The Plans

Corner of Lane and St. Mary's Street in June 2014, future site of 220 The Saint

Corner of Lane and St. Mary’s Street in June 2014, future site of 220 The Saint

The 49-unit project called 220 The Saint will nestle apartments and townhomes along St. Mary’s Street in, where else, Glenwood South. Starting at the corner of Lane and St. Mary’s Street, the new homes will go into the block, replacing single-family homes with multi-unit dwellings.

Read more about it in this October 2013 post: Plans For 220 The Saint Bring Condos and Townhouses To Glenwood South.

And finally, highlighted very recently, 10 units, called The Ten at Person, are planned to start in the next few months at the corner of Person and Lenoir Streets. Modern in style, these townhomes will be built on an empty lot east of downtown Raleigh. They are currently taking reservations, for sale not rental, with plans to close before the Fall.

Rendering for The Ten

Rendering for The Ten

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  1. Thanks for the rundown of all the residential projects on the books. Notably absent is any mention of West Apts I and II. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they are going nowhere right now; the developer is focusing most/all of his energy on Edison it seems.

  2. Gramercy just got approved and will have permits any day. Demo coming soon. How many apartments in Glenwood South will it take for a small grocery store to join the area? Tired of cramped Harris Teeter at CV.

  3. Also sounds like the Ten at South Person will be starting soon and is fully reserved. (10 townhomes at S. Person St & E Lenoir St)

  4. And don’t forget the beautiful looking new apt buildings in Cameron Village- the Crescent Cameron Village building is looking like it’s going to be finished soon, and will add a ton of new retail/restaurant. Also, if you are on Peace st all the way up where it meets with Person (right before that beautiful architecture institute), you can actually see the Crescent building up on the hill! Srsly, it’s a great shot, go check it out!

  5. @JC – If we’re heading over to CV area then the new apartment project at 616 Oberlin Rd. is worthy of mention. This will be a new 5-story building with 215 apartments just north of Fidelity Bank which looks like a cool place to throw a toga party.

  6. ^Stew: Oh, good. I’ve been wondering when someone would do something with that lame little empty plaza on Oberlin lol

  7. Also there’s ~25 new houses on Dorothea Dr in Boylan Heights going up at the moment. I’d love to see that stretch between there and downtown along South St to develop

  8. I agree with Bruce… The stretch from Dorothea Dr to downtown has potential and can be developed into a nice urban section. A few infills can make a huge difference. I like the progress made thus far :)

  9. Heritage Park is getting old. It opened 39 years ago, in 1975. It looks like any old stick built apartment complex, which have a limited life span even when built by private developers and rented at market rate. It can’t be long before RHA needs to rebuild it. Presumably, when rebuilding it, they would put something much denser, and probably mixed-income, in its place.

  10. I’ve always thought the Heritage Park site would be a prime spot for a downtown arena. It would kind of cement that area of downtown as the entertainment district with the Duke Energy Center, convention center and Red Hat Amphitheater.

  11. @Brad you are right on! That location would be perfect spot for Hurricanes only arena that could double as BB tournament for NCAA tournament & ACC tournament since any school’s home court can’t be used. The staging lot used by Elan Apts would be great location for grocery store (whole foods or Publix, HT) but it is owned by a church :(

  12. ^BC – would be very cool to have the Hurricanes IN the city, but I’m curious what your suggestion would be for the existing PNC arena? Surely they could NOT tear it down, as the cost would be astronomical. Thoughts? Ideas? Also, I like the sad face after the church comment…. regardless of anyone’s beliefs/opinions on religion/church…. we do have a bit too many taking up valuable space in the heart of downtown, don’t we?

  13. Using Heritage Park as site for a stadium is an intriguing idea but would 11.6 acres be sufficient?

    I sometimes wonder (dream) that the Cargill plant and adjoining properties (Kings hotel, etc) along Wilmington St. could somehow be purchased by the city and assembled into a redevelopment area. The city already owns adjoining parcels to the South along City Farm Rd. and to the north. If South Blount St were closed then parcels directly to the east (Bonded Warehouse, Coggins Construction Company, etc.) could also be included to create a contiguous area of approximately 30 acres.

    A stadium could be built to the south where property is at its widest point. For the record I scaled Carter-Finley stadium (with stands included) and it fits. Some parking could be provided north of the stadium on remainder of property.

    The City also owns about 47 acres directly south of City Farm Rd. Could this area be used for additional parking? I doubt it because the area is low with Walnut Creek running through it. Impervious surfaces would create too much run-off. This area might be great for an open area park though, possibly ball fields which would dovetail nicely with the stadium. The City also owns about 42 acres directly across Wilmington St. Perhaps additional parking could be created here? If not certainly land could be used for something to further support sports theme of this redevelopment project.

    Lastly, could the railroad tracks located just to the east be used to provide tram access from downtown proper? These tracks lead straight to the Boylan Wye which is where our new train station is going.

    I know … this is a pipe dream that will never fly due to cost and difficulty in assemblying individual parcels. However, if somehow realized it would transform one of the worst eye-sore areas of downtown into another “money shot”. The investment would also serve to revitalize the South Park neighborhood and entire stretch of Wilmington St. heading south. I did read that Cargill has stopped processing soy beans and now only uses the facility for storage. Never know … perhaps they might entertain a reasonable offer?

  14. I doubt that it will be politically tenable to replace RHA’s Heritage Park with something that does not include at least as many subsidized housing units as would be lost. I think a midrise, mixed use, mixed income apartment building would be the appropriate solution for this location.

    For a downtown arena, use the block immediately to the east, bound by South, McDowell, Salisbury, and MLK. Building sporting venues over the top of railroad tracks is pretty common: see Madison Square Garden in NY, TD Garden in Boston, Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Safeco Field in Seattle… I’m sure there must be others.

  15. The City can use the property for a new mixed use/mixed-income property, much like what was done behind William Peace U. if there are federal HUD dollars involved it does make it a little more complicated but projects like the one behind Peace where funded through the HOPE IV federal rehab program. this could be applied to the site in SW area. if I’m not mistaken, the city would just need to demonstrate that its not putting those folks ‘on the street’ {to keep the federal funds coming in} and they could repurpose the site for an arena or mixed use project.

    I’m by no means an expert on HUD programs but I believe what I have described is the gist of it and would not prevent the City from redeveloping that site for an arena.

  16. Uncle Jesse, did you read the article? They are speculating about an announcement for grocery store in downtown, not the one already already announced at North Person.

  17. The comments on that WRAL article all look like they were written by geriatrics lol

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