Greyhound Relocating Outside of Downtown Raleigh

Greyhound Terminal on West Jones Street in downtown Raleigh

Greyhound Terminal on West Jones Street in downtown Raleigh

The Jones Street Greyhound Terminal is moving soon to a new location outside of downtown Raleigh. Located here since 1969, Greyhound will move their operations up north to 2210 Capital Boulevard. They have signed a 10 year lease for the new location.

I wonder about the decision behind this and the plans for future integration of Greyhound into Union Station’s overall plan. Ideally, the currently planned Union Station, Raleigh’s much larger and upgraded train station in downtown’s warehouse district, will house a variety of transit options, including Greyhound, to offer users options and transfers between services.

The Union Station integration sounds like the most ideal end-goal but the move to Capital Boulevard adds an extra obstacle for travelers arriving in Raleigh that need to get to Greyhound. While not a significant amount of travelers, Greyhound is an option for those arriving at RDU and need a lower cost option to head to points in eastern North Carolina. Rental cars and taxi’s are too costly so public transit and Greyhound are the most cost effective way to get around.

Another part of the story here is that the property was sold in March 2013 to Real Estate investor Ted Reynolds. Long time readers may recognize that name as the same one involved with a tower planned for 301 Hillsborough Street, called The Hillsborough, back in 2007. Along with a few other projects, The Hillsborough met the same fate as the 2009 market crash scrapped it.

Perhaps the Reynolds have plans for the old Greyhound site at 314 West Jones Street.

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  1. Having a bus station in a place that is completely not pedestrian-oriented is probably the dumbest decision I can think of. Totally weird.

  2. Ted Reynolds also owns the Quorum Center, right? Either way, how AWESOME would it be if he put a nice big tower- could even fit two- right where the (now) old Greyhound Station is?? That whole area along side Glenwood South could use some more development, there’s so many half empty surface parking lots and old un-used 1 story buildings in that area, it could benefit from some more towers, and it would REALLY help fill in the gaps between “downtown” and Glenwood South. Could really help expand “downtown” into including Glenwood South!!!!

  3. Interesting. I recently read how long range bus services, such as Grey Hound, are popular among drug traffickers.

    Not to speculate, but consider just south of this location there will be a new park that is bounded by Capital Blvd., and the Raleigh Swap to the north–which is already a popular home for the homeless.

    I agree with RaleighRob–why? Why not locate a bus station in a centralized urban location.

  4. An earlier article I read on this subject ( said Greyhound likes the improved freeway access — the new location is much closer to the Beltline.

    That said, close to the Beltline isn’t going to be a very good thing for Greyhound as Fortify progresses. Most of their routes head east, presumably via 64, 264, or 40, so they’ll have to face down Fortify traffic to make it out of town on the Beltline. Since they plan to occupy the space for a maximum of ten years, and Fortify will take up three of that, this seems like a really poor strategic decision on their part.

  5. The move is “temporary”. The long term plan will be to consolidate bus service at the multi-modal Union Station. That’s why they only did a 10-year lease.

    Rumor is Ted Reynolds Reynolds wants to build a new residential tower or hotel, maybe his I’ll fated building across from Campbell Law School will finally be built.

  6. 1 step forward and 10 steps back. Unless it takes 10 years to build Union Station, this move is just idiotic.

  7. I happened to notice a RDHC Certificate of Appropriateness notice (case 063-15-CA) posted at 414 New Bern Ave. so I decided to check it out. Turns out the case is to move the historic house at 208 N. Harrington (currently a law office) to the New Bern Ave. location. This house is right next to the former Greyhound bus depot downtown. I’m sure they aren’t clearing things out of this area simply for the fun of it. Perhaps Ted Reynolds is planning a major announcement in the not too distant future?

  8. Leo & Stew, I have heard that Banner Apts. has a contract to purchase the Reynolds site. I haven’t heard about what kind of plans they have. Dwight

  9. Considering they’re the ones that are building The Lincoln apartments near Moore Square, I’m not going to hold my breath for an amazing, unique high rise… ;-)

  10. I went to the Banner Apartments website… everything they show seems to be typical “suburban” apartments… urban living does not seem to be on their menu!

  11. @Stew… I am amazed that old house is still standing in that location! I seems to have been overlooked throughout time.

  12. I hope Banner Apartments isn’t coming anywhere near downtown. If they do, they will probably make the Edison Apartments look like a gift to us :( Or, let’s hope that Banner Apartments has better plans for that site. Something taller and more urban.

  13. Randall, Jeff, Stew, A friend talked to Ted Reynolds today & he said that he does not have a contract yet but he does have a potential buyer. He said he might have a announcement in app. 30 days?

  14. Please, please, please let Reynold’s buyer be an urban retail developer. That would be a decent location for retail given the walkable access to Glenwood South, The Warehouse District and the government complex and Museums.

  15. @Al: Soleil Center got shelved/canceled several years ago. I know that the current owner wants to make sure that if sold, the parcel will be still approved for the original vision. That way, the usual suspects will not prevent something of this magnitude from being built.

    Since the foundation is already in place, I would assume that whoever takes over will proceed with a high-rise. Personally, I would love to see Soleil Center coming back from the dead, as designed. The architectural firm was first class, with international clients, and such project would place Raleigh in the map, along with major cities worldwide.

  16. Earnest,

    Maybe I am mistaken but I couks swear this morning I was reading on the city site that a zoning request is in again for a hotel and office building as of 23 May 2015.

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