City of Raleigh | More Than 150,000 Passengers Ride Downtown Raleigh’s R-Line

A total of 152,634 passengers rode the R-Line from Feb. 13, its first day of service, to Dec. 5, according to a report on the latest ridership totals. The report also found that during this time:

  • An average of 519 passengers rode the R-Line daily, including weekends;
  • The bus carried an average total of 535 riders each weekday;
  • An average of 719 commuters rode the R-Line on Saturdays; and,
  • The R-Line’s average passenger count on Sundays was 241.

via City of Raleigh | More Than 150,000 Passengers Ride Downtown Raleigh’s R-Line.

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  1. Very interesting. Good to see there is a good amount of weekday use for commuters.
    Surprised to see Sunday rates so low. Granted downtown activity is somewhat sleepy on Sundays…most restaurants don’t do dinner, etc. But some do Sunday Brunch…hopefully in time their customers will use the R-Line more.

    I wonder if the city has considered giving out R-Line brochures/maps out to all the many churches downtown? That would probably boost some Sunday usage. And that, in turn, would help with Sunday morning parking issues.

  2. I work and live in downtown Raleigh, so I could not be happier about the R-Line’s success. Whenever I have friends visit from out of town, I drag them up the street to the bus stop and wait for the R-Line to appear. They are quite impressed that the bus is free and that it hits all the downtown hot spots. I give two thumbs up to the Downtown Raleigh Alliance for getting the buses up and running and for their work promoting them. Well done!

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