Reynolds Tower

WRAL has an article on the newest plans for ‘The Hillsborough’ that will be at 301 Hillsborough St. This is the same project that has been going on since the Reynolds, who brought us the Quorum Center, purchased the lot back in 2001. It was earlier called ‘The Raleigh’ but I think ‘The Hillsborough’ is still not an original name. Watch the video for picks of the renderings. I mentioned this project before in this post but have to ask, will this finally be the end and we will start seeing construction?

Raleigh — Plans have been filed for a 23-story mix of retail shops, a hotel and condominiums at the corner of Dawson and Hillsborough streets in downtown Raleigh.


Attorney Ted Reynolds is developing the $65 million project, which will include 17,500 square feet of retail space, a 136-room hotel and 26 condos on the top floors. He earlier proposed offices in the building but recast the project in recent months.

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