Hillsborough St. Gets Taller

I realized something yesterday as I was driving home on capital into downtown. There is no real skyline that greets you as you drive in on southbound capital blvd. The newly finished Quorum Center is up which is a plus and later on next year we’ll have the West at North condo tower over in Glenwood South but there are no significantly tall buildings close by and its hard to see the cluster of towers over on Fayetteville St. I realized that I was not thinking too deeply and all that will change in the coming years.

A new 32 story tower will be built on the Dawson/Morgan/Hillsborough block. It’s across the street from The Dawson, behind The Flying Saucer, and across the street from the Clarion Hotel. This tower will add to that northern skyline that I was talking about. I like the placement of the building because it helps to connect the areas of downtown better. If more density grows around it, it will create a lively scene from Fayetteville St. all the way to Glenwood.

The current residence at the site, set to be demolished this summer

The tower does not have an official name so everyone calls it the Reynolds tower. This is because the father and son developers, Ted and David Reynolds, are behind it. They were also behind the Quorum Center, so they have strong Raleigh ties.

The tower is mixed use with 133 hotel rooms, 25 condos, office space, and ground floor retail (3 shops to be exact). No word on the brand of hotel in the building or plans for the stores on the ground. There will also be a 5 story parking deck right up next to the building.

I really like this building and I think it is the one that I am most excited about. Now that the ball is rolling, this project will move fast. It has been an almost 5 year struggle for the Reynolds to land the property and get all the paperwork figured out. I believe because of the need for the office space by the city, the tower’s construction is on a tight schedule. We can all expect this building to be completed no later than July 2009!

N&O Article

the Clarion hotel won’t be the tallest in the area pretty soon

32 stories on the left, with a 5 story deck on the right

enjoy it while it lasts

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  1. Yes,Please. that would be a great location for a high rise building.25 to 30 stories would be such a signature building.

  2. This is just my opinion . BidClerk’s Website is showing a project for Raleigh showing a 11 – story hotel , 150 rooms , rooftop terrace , 1000 parking space deck , retail & restaurant on the first floor , schedule to start app. May , 2015 . I think this project will be on Mr. Reynolds site @ the old Greyhound Bus Terminal . I haven’t heard anything , just my opinion ! Dwight Nipper

  3. Jeff , For a long time I thought that it was describing the new hotel @ the convention center. If you go to raleighnc.gov , click on their home page , click on “Current Developement” , click on SP Site Plans , it shows the newest plans for the hotel , a 9-story hotel , exiting parking deck , does not show a roof top terrace , but it does show 154 rooms . The BidClerk Project has been revised on 9-26-14, so I believe this is a different project from the convention center . Dwight

  4. Yes, I’m pretty sure the project you’re talking about is the the new Residence Inn being built up by the Convention Center. I’m hoping Reynolds has a much bigger project in mind for the former Greyhound station

  5. Jake , I hope that you are right because I hope for a larger project also by Mr. Reynolds . This is what confuses me . If you go to raleighnc.gov click on their home page , click on Business & Developement , click on Current Developement Projects , click on Site Plans , & scroll down to SP-59-14 , it will give plans & a picture of “The Residence Inn ” , 9-stories 117 feet high & many other details . BidClerk shows a much different detailed project , such as 11-stories , 1000 deck parking , roof top terrace , ect. ” So this is what has thrown me a curve .” Dwight

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