301 Hillsborough, A Review

The parking lot at 301 Hillsborough Street

The parking lot at 301 Hillsborough Street

This story is as old as the blog itself so it is kind of exciting to revisit an “old” development. Articles in the news have reported that the city is in talks with interested developers to build on top of the city-owned property at 301 Hillsborough Street. From the North Raleigh News:

Raleigh staff have received at least two “substantial and serious offers for the property,” 1.2 acres of parking located two blocks west of the Capitol, according to a staff report.

Worth an estimated $3 million, the southwest corner of Hillsborough and Dawson streets soon could attract another sizable project.

“Whoever builds there, it’s going to be a fairly good-sized building,” said city attorney Tom McCormick.

*City again ready to sell 301 Hillsborough for high-density development via www.northraleighnews.com

Nothing is out yet so a little refresher to this story is appropriate at this time.

301 Hillsborough in February 2007

In 2007, plans for a 25 to 32-story tower named ‘The Hillsborough’ were out by the father and son developers, Ted and David Reynolds. This is the same team that brought us The Quorum Center.

The new tower was planned to be mixed-use with hotel, office, residential, and ground-floor retail. Plans and height flexed a little bit during that year but planning moved ahead enough to demolish the current building on site, shown in the 2007 photo above.

The cleared site sat empty for awhile. There were no changes about 12 months later as 2009 came upon us.

As with a few other downtown projects, the 2009 recession affected The Hillsborough most likely and no progress was made after this. Later that year, the city filled in the hole and it eventually became a parking lot in order to generate some revenue. Campbell Law School, located across the street, uses this lot for parking today.

Speculation on the site’s future could go in all sorts of direction here so this post acts as an open thread for RalCon commenters.

I’ve always seen Hillsborough Street as a central location to downtown districts so a hotel could be an option. There’s easy vehicle access to the site using the Dawson/McDowell pair and it’s a short walk to the state government district, Fayetteville Street CBD, Warehouse District and Glenwood South.

There currently isn’t much office space along the Dawson/McDowell corridor but that doesn’t mean new space couldn’t be built.

Residential, as in apartment rentals, are never off the table it seems these days. Either way, a large parking component will likely be built here.

More to come in the near future.

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  1. PRIME LOCATION – very excited to hear some energy put back into developing this site. The lot is big enough to hold even 2 large buildings. Whatever goes there has to be BIG and iconic. Let’s get some architects with some vision on this!

  2. God I hope that whatever goes there has some quality in its design and is an improvement over the PNC Tower. At proposed heights, at least it won’t be wood!
    On a side note, I do miss the building that was destroyed. What a classic looking building!

  3. A friend of mine with the city told me today that the city will rezone 301 Hillsborough St. for up to 20 stories soon . Dwight Nipper

  4. Dwight – excellent news, here’s hoping they try and go even taller. They should also make it a requirement that a parking deck be built INSIDE the building…. no more of this 2 story building next to a 30 story parking deck nonsense.

  5. This building developer SHOULD be talking to Campbell and take into consideration the students at Campbell with more than enough amenities (a lot of retail, restaurants, coffee shop, apartments, agree with parking in the building, hotel, offices and why not build additional space for expanding the university school of law, conference center, class room space and meeting space for university, etc).

    Do this building RIGHT!!!!

    This should and can be a multi-functional building and a center piece for that area of Hillsborough Street.

  6. Jake & Jeff : My friend said that both developers wanted the two lots bad , so hopefully we will get a strong , tall , project!
    Dwight Nipper

  7. Will there be a downtown grocery store at 301 Hillsborough Street in Raleigh?

    Title of story released by the Indy yesterday saying Kane bid 3.1M for 301 Hillsborough and has proposed to include a full service grocery store!

  8. Below is a quote from Reynolds regarding the Hillsborough street project. I don’t want to beat a dead horse but I thought that 20 stories wasn’t a real ceiling, just a guid that would require further city review and approval if said project wanted to go over 20 stories???

    Bidding for downtown Raleigh property to start at $3M http://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/blog/real-estate/2015/07/bidding-for-downtown-raleigh-property-to-start-at.html

    “Reynolds says this time around any project proposal would have to be capped at 20 stories high per the new zoning allowances, but he is working with his same architect team as before, the former KlingStubbins firm that’s now owned by Jacobs.”

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