A Clean Slate on Hillsborough Street

The hole that was created by the demolition of 301 Hillsborough has now been filled. I’ll use this as a sign to move on from the former tag of ‘The Hillsborough’, the project that was planned here, and start with a new tag of ‘301 Hillsborough‘.

There has been talk of paving over the land for a parking lot in order to generate revenue rather then let the lot sit there vacant. It is expensive property so I cannot argue against that plan. We’ll keep watch for now.

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  1. Let’s hope that someone with deep pockets and great vision comes in and buys this property, soon. While I am not happy that The Hillsborough wasn’t delivered, I think that something over 500ft would be great for this site. Plenty of room for some retail and entertainment destinations, too. Paved, or not, this is now a surface lot and the last thing I want to see is an empty parcel :(

  2. Aaron, Nash Square is just a block away. It would make little sense to put a park there. Besides, DT Raleigh is where good, dense urban development has to happen. With Pullen Park, Dorothea Dix Campus and 3 squares (including the one where the Capitol Bldg is) within close proximity, open spaces and parks will be a tough sell, IMO.

    Now, you DID say temporary, and this may be a good idea, but I am afraid the city will try to find a way to recover some of the losses, particularly after we lost a building and now have to pay for leases to place city employees in other locations. As a temporary measure, a little park would be nice, but if the city can either lease the lot to a private entity, or rent spaces, some profits will come its way. I would not mind see a little park there, temporarily.

  3. With the new law school next door, this place is just itching to be apartments, IMO.

  4. I agree. As long as they don’t waste this lot on a small structure. I think that they could place a tower, with a nice transition. The Southern half could be a 15-20 story component with rental units, while the Northern section may include a good mix of hotel space, offices and residential condos, in a 30-35 story component… It should be feasible. Most certainly, I want to see retail, 1-2 eateries and some entertainment destinations.

  5. I agree with Ernest that I’d love a big high-rise tower on this site. Also that it should be a transitional tower as it’s sort of in the middle of downtown proper and would serve as a “step” up from Glenwood to the high rise district of Fayetteville Street.

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