Fall Backwards For The 2012 Fall Restaurant Roundup

Fiction Kitchen on Dawson Street.

The restaurant waves keep crashing in and this Fall, there are some new options for you and quite a few announcements of things to come in the Downtown Raleigh foodie pipeline. Most of the new places are setting up in previously empty retail spaces rather then closed spaces. Downtown just hasn’t tapped out yet.

As always, make sure to bookmark the DT Raleigh Eats list when you need to find something new. Onto the roundup.

  • Pictured above is the signage for an upcoming 100% vegetarian restaurant on Dawson Street. Fiction Kitchen hopes to open within the next few months and could use your help through their Kickstarter campaign.
  • Zinda has now opened in one of the ground floor spaces in PNC Plaza. The new Asian restaurant expands Eschelon Hospitality’s takeover of the 300 block of Fayetteville Street.
  • Bida Manda, a Laotian restaurant, is now open on Blount Street across from Moore Square. Bida Manda replaces the former Fai Thai restaurant in the same space that closed in July 2011.
  • Work continues on the new spaces at Seaboard Station where a coffee shop, Blend and Grind, and a burger shop, Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, are planned.
  • A collaboration between the folks behind Dos Taquitos and The Hibernian will result in Dos Taquitos Xoco which will open in the former space of The Diner in Glenwood South. The new restaurant is being worked on today and expected to open this fall.
  • Not satisfied yet, those behind The Hibernian are working on another pub along Person Street near Piebird. Work on the former Rosie’s Plate will bring a neighborhood beer and wine bar around Spring of next year.
  • Bolt Bistro and Bar is really taking shape and the sign is up on the space along Fayetteville Street. The sign still says opening Summer 2012 so hopefully the slip in the schedule isn’t too bad.
  • The house at 610 Glenwood Avenue has had major renovation work done to it and a new bar, View Bar, is set to open there. You can follow the progress up until opening on their Facebook page.
  • Across the street at 603 Glenwood Avenue, work continues on another bar for the renovated house at the corner of Glenwood and Johnson Street.

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  1. Um…Isn’t there already a bar downtown called The View?? It’s on the backside of Legends on S. Harrington Street if I recall. Someone might find themselves with a naming comflict here….

    Thanks for the updates. I’m excited about most of these. Fiction Kitchen sounds like it’ll fill a needed niche. And a new pub in the Rosie’s Plate spot on Person is terrific news. Additionally, nearby, there’s signs on Person Street Plaza about the upcoming renovations for Market & Escazu.

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