Renovations For Libations in Glenwood South

603 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh

Approved back in December 2011, the house in the picture above, located at 603 Glenwood Avenue, is being heavily renovated for a new bar with outdoor seating. While passing by I asked some of the gentlemen working on the renovations about the new bar. They mentioned that this was being done by the owner of 606, the club across the street, and that the bar would be styled like a speakeasy.

Another thing to note about the picture is that you can see the comprehensive plan in action. Look at those wide sidewalks!

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    None right now. Must be a new project.


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  1. Wide sidewalk is great. Also like the natural brick on that retaining wall on the Johnson Street side.
    A speakeasy is pretty cool…will be popular when the hotel across the street is open.
    Which makes me think maybe the city will finally put a crosswalk on Glenwood there. Much needed.

  2. Hopefully they’ll keep out the bottle rats and Ed Hardy wearing types from 606.

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  3. I’m so glad you cleared up this mystery! I pass this construction every time I go on a walk–and I’ve been wondering about it!

    Any information about when it’ll be open?

  4. No info on an open date. The house was in pretty barren shape so I think a lot of work still needs to be done. Hopefully they can finish sometime in the summer for the cooler months right after.

  5. I’m excited to see what they are doing with this location. With the hotel across the street, this intersection of Glenwood South is experiencing a revival and can only be good for the entire Glenwood South district. Grow Raleigh Grow

  6. Great. ANOTHER bar:
    1. Cantina South
    2. Draft
    3. Oryx
    4. 606
    5. Brooklyn Heights
    6. whatever this is going to be.

    Even with a blood alcohol level of .666, walking between these 6 bars doesn’t pose much of a challenge.

    yip……. e.

    You call this a revival? I call it a travesty. There are only 2 decent restaurants within 6 blocks (Thaiphoon Bistro and Sushi Blues), but thank the higher powers there’s somewhere for people to come and get stoopid and loud.

  7. Bars on Glenwood Avenue are filling a niche. It should be no surprise that people are willing to drive for entertainment and a mass of walkable entertainment is even better for owners and patrons. The receiving area for a bar/club is quite large. A restaurant less so. A grocery even less so. This sort of these work together in layers with the new Hampton Inn being a pretty good next step. The area is already heavy with services for the people already living there… will just take time.

  8. @Mike & Jake, and Sullivan’s for the pricier set. With two new apartment complexes going up within blocks there should be no problem with clientele. And they can crawl home without getting in a car.

  9. Jake was listing and complaining of too many bars (maybe he lives in the old folks tower across the street from this bar?). I was simply providing additional ‘decent’ restaurants nearby that he was missing since he only knows of 2.

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