Solas coming to Glenwood South

For all of you Glenwood groupies, including myself, this one is exciting. The group, Hibernia Entertainment, is opening Solas at the site of the old brake repair shop. You may have notice it vanish recently and now is the barren wasteland next to Helios. What you’ll see there soon is a 3 story building with a restaurant on the ground floor, a club on the second and a patio lounge on the third. The patio on the top floor will be pretty open and should give people a great view of the city over The Creamery located across the street.

The rendering looks pretty good and I think it will fit nicely into the Glenwood South scene. The building will probably be built right up to Helios and add some much needed density to the area. Hopefully the company backing this can land a great restaurant that draws a good lunch crowd. I’d like to see Glenwood busy at all times of the day. I already know that this will be a hit at night. I like the fact that there are lots of windows facing the street, showing the activity inside. Expect to be rooftop drinking at Solas sometime in spring 2008.

For more information, make sure to read the story in the N&O

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