National Art Interiors Moving [UPDATE 4-7-08]

I heard this rumor and walked by this weekend to see if it was true. National Art Interiors will be moving from their location at 530 Hillsborough St. Unfortunately I could not go in and ask for more details; I was there on Sunday and they were closed. If any news pops up about a new tenant for this prime location, I’ll update this post.

[UPDATE 4-7-08]
In case you were wondering where the new location will be:

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  1. I walk by this place daily and laugh at that silly rendering on that sign. No context and such a bland building compared to the one they are in. Sad they are leaving, but I would love something better in the space to walk past than pricey chandaliers and rugs. Say a clothing or book store?

  2. I think a book store would be great. lots of new stuff but also used books piled high. It would be fun for some to hunt through and find some gems in there.

  3. Shame to see retail leaving downtown. But it would be an excellent spot for a bookstore.

    Hello Regulator folks? Looking to expand to Raleigh?? lol

  4. An outpost of the Regulator would be great. But don’t you think that this site is a prime location for redevelopment, as in a condo tower? Has anyone heard about whether is building is being sold?

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