Glenwood South’s Tin Roof Bar Overlooks Lane Street

Glenwood South is getting a Tin Roof bar at the corner of Glenwood and Lane. The live music bar has over 15 locations in the US and you can see the second floor and outdoor space coming together in the photo above.

Having never been but eager to check it out, I see the place also serves food as well. The bar plans to open “late summer” which is great timing for the nice fall weather.

Pic of the Week

The space next door to Poole’s is being worked on. This is the spot for another one of Ashley Christensen’s restaurants, Poolside Pie. The timing of this post was on purpose as Christensen just won the James Beard Award for Outstanding Chef in the country this year. She’s the only chef in the state to win it.

Congrats to her and her entire team behind AC Restaurants!

Transfer Company Food Hall Continues to Ramp Up

Have you been to Transfer Company Food Hall yet?

While not officially open (are they?) the new food and drink vendors over at Transfer Company have been slowly opening and the entire place is operating on a week-to-week basis.

What started with empanadas and seafood has now become a weekend draw for tasty eats including bagels, cookies, and beer. Not to mention the space looks great and is enjoyable to be in.

There is still plenty of work to be done inside the space but the best way to stay in touch is through their website or Instagram. It’s been fun to watch them grow slowly but the ball is really starting to roll on the east side of downtown.

Pic of the Week

Morgan Street Food Hall. August 2018.

The Morgan Street Food Hall is now open! There are plenty of dining options for lunch and dinner throughout with a little retail on the side as well.

Make sure to check out the vendors on their website ahead of time to avoid getting stuck in the crowds when it’s busy. Lunch and dinner have been packed from what I hear and with the cool weather about to show up, the food hall is sure to be pretty lively.

The place looks great and is a far cry from the club/bars that used to pack this warehouse years ago. Kudos to the team behind it and I look forward to many visits!

We’re chatting about Morgan Street Food Hall on the DTRaleigh Community. Join us.

Plans Submitted for Bar Renovation at 612 Glenwood

612 Glenwood. May 2018.

612 Glenwood. May 2018.

The 600 block of Glenwood South just might become the densest cluster of bars in downtown Raleigh.

At 612 Glenwood, currently shown above, submitted plans to the city show a proposal for adding a second floor to the building for outdoor bar space. The outdoor bar is basically the roof of the building and is mostly open to all views.

In addition to a second floor, most of the outdoor space around the first will be cleaned up. According to SR-042-18, the “10 existing parking spaces to be obliterated…” Basically, the rear parking lot and driveway will be paved over and an outdoor bar will be built towards the back.

Here are the renderings as part of the plan submissions with an aerial view from Google Maps as a reference.

612 Glenwood. May 2018 via Google Maps.

612 Glenwood. May 2018 via Google Maps.

Plans for 612 Glenwood, SR-042-18.

Click for larger

Plans for 612 Glenwood, SR-042-18.

Click for larger

The retailer, Feelgoodz, is moving (has moved?) from the space as retail struggles in Glenwood South these days. This makes sense that 612 Glenwood could be a bar for a while as the biggest use here is nightlife. Even with so many residents, perhaps the district hasn’t hit critical mass to really land some solid retail.

Who knows though as the dynamic could change in the future with even more residents coming nearby at Smokey Hollow. It shouldn’t be too surprising to see even more development along Peace so retail might have a chance in the future. If only office space could land along Glenwood, then the dynamic might really mix up.

New Upfit Activities in the Moore Square Historic District

Rendering for new storefront at 211 South Wilmington

Rendering for new storefront at 211 South Wilmington

There’s work taking place in the Moore Square Historic District that may see new life in older buildings.

Currently under review by the Raleigh Historic Development Commission is a new storefront for 211 South Wilmington. The building will be upfit with a new storefront that aims to maintain the scale of the district but with modern character. The plans, 128-17-CA, mention a two-story noodle bar for this space.

With the building being in a historic district yet featuring no major architectural features (from my unskilled eye anyway) I can’t see any major controversy here.

For reference, here are the row of buildings today.

211 South Wilmington, September 2017

211 South Wilmington, September 2017

It’s a shame that 211 South Wilmington didn’t maintain its facade from the 1960s. The story of this building and the tenants that have cycled through would make a great follow-up.

211 South Wilmington, early 1960s

Around the corner at 107 East Martin, could something finally be moving in? This spot has been an empty shell since Raleigh Printing closed. (moved?) If anyone can remember when that happened, let me know but I want to say it was at least 10 years ago.

107 East Martin Street, September 2017

I’m happy to see some of the older buildings getting new life as these add diversity to our urban environment and play a huge role in keeping downtown more interesting.

Winter 2017 Restaurant Roundup


Vidrio is now open in Glenwood South

For this restaurant update, the energy seems to be building in and around Moore Square. There are a few delicious places to try now as well as ones to look forward to this year.

For a complete list of eats, drinks, and coffees in and around downtown, make sure to bookmark the DT Eats page. Try something new!

  • We’ll first start out in Glenwood South as LM Restaurants has delivered a very unique experience in Vidrio. Located at the corner of Tucker and Glenwood, Vidrio is one of LM’s platinum restaurants and a truly Mediterranean experience. The place impresses for sure.
  • The Cardinal, a house turned bar on West Street north of Peace Street, is now open. In addition to drinks, they serve cheap hot dogs, which are pretty good actually especially with a great view of downtown Raleigh.
  • Cafe Helios has closed and in its place, the folks behind Jose and Sons, a Mexican restaurant in the warehouse district, are creating a new concept called The Cortez Restaurant.
  • A craft beer bar, with the sign suggesting it will be called, “Craft Beer Bar”, is going into the former Eden Lounge and convenience store near Glenwood and Hillsborough Street.
  • Work continues on a new bar called 616 Glenwood in the former Harry’s Guitar Shop.
  • Tobacco Road Sports Cafe has now reopened on Jones Street, where Natty Greene’s used to be in the Raleigh Electric Company Power House.
  • In their former location in the 222 Glenwood building, La Santa Modern Mexican is planned. You can follow their progress on their Facebook page.
  • On Hillsborough Street, The District is now open in The Dawson.
  • Hopping over to Fayetteville Street, the quick turnover of Bolt Bistro into Pizza La Stella is finished and the new restaurant is now open.
  • Tir Na Nog is back! After closing from their long-time home on Blount Street, the bar is back open on Hargett Street next to The London Bridge Pub. Last I was there, it was a bar only with plans for additions and a small food menu in the near future.
  • The Busy Bee has closed but quickly changed concepts to Trophy Tap and Table, which is now open.
  • Another change on Wilmington Street, Joule has closed and a new concept is in the works. St. Roch Oyster + Bar is being worked on and you can follow them on their Facebook page.
  • Cursed location? The restaurant space in the bottom of the Progress Energy building is turning over again and Tulum Restaurant and Bar, a Mayan-themed restaurant, is close to opening. You can check them out on their Facebook page.
  • Scott Crawford’s new place, Crawford and Son, is now open on Person Street.
  • Ending the tour at Moore Square, Royale, an American bistro, is now open at the corner of Blount and Martin Streets. Check out the Royale burger below.

This burger. My goodness!

A photo posted by Leo Suarez (@dtraleigh) on

  • You can now get gelato, and crepes and waffles all at the same time by the way, in downtown at Amorino, which is now open along Davie Street in The Edison.
  • City Market Sushi has opened on Blake Street in City Market.
  • The Outpost, a tiki-themed bar at the corner of Hargett and Person, is now open.
  • The segway shop Triangle Glides moved out of their large space along Blount Street. A new restaurant is coming there from those behind the Pho Nomenal Dumpling food truck called Mofu Shoppe. Follow them on Facebook.
  • Sitting empty for years, the retail shop in The Edison parking deck facing Blount will now have a tenant. Growler USA is craft beer pub chain that is rapidly expanding and will open their first Raleigh location here.
  • Brewery Bhavana, the brewery and dim sum restaurant, continues to come along.

So proud of this project! A true collaboration with friends. Can't wait to see @brewerybhavana come to life!!!!

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  • Raleighwood Provisions, a local foods store located in The Edison, continues coming together. You can follow them on Instagram and if you haven’t, read about them in this N&O article.
  • A new coffee shop called Sir Walter Coffee is planned for, you guessed it, The Edison building. They claim to be a coffee, tea, and bottle shop.
  • Downtown’s Taz is getting close on Oak City Market House of Fresh in the Skyhouse Tower. The place will be a small market and deli. They are now hiring. Take a look here.