Filling In the Spaces of Smoky Hollow

I have a quick note before you read any further. I apologize for the boring photos. Why are they boring? Because there are no people in them and that makes places look less interesting. However, what can you do around 10am on a Tuesday, am I right?

Smoky Hollow is starting to make noise and I wanted to run down the spaces and places that are offering up eats and drinks right now in the Hollow. There’s still more to look forward to as we have had some announced places for the near future. (fingers crossed)

Now Open

Hands go up to Dose for opening up first. They offer yoga classes and smoothies at the corner of Tucker and Harrington Streets. If you’re into tea-base drinks, I want to say Milklab is the first to offer these tasty beverages in Glenwood South. I have yet to try Midwood and J. Lights but do make sure and check out their menus.

Coming Soon

There’s plenty of food and drink on this list to keep you busy once the weather gets warm. (which is right now, right?) You may even stumble on an event right down the middle of the Hollow as it has been used for a variety of events including the Raleigh Night Market and Raleigh Fashion Fest.

This spot is certainly maturing these days with the businesses mentioned above and even more ground-floor spaces for new businesses to open up sit available today. There’s so much that can be done here and it’ll be fun to enjoy it as it all opens up.

See you out there.

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