Checking in on the Apartments at Platform and West End

West Cabarrus Street is getting a big shot of residents with more apartment projects. We’ve been tracking The Platform, shown above, and later this year, we should have another project break ground, West End II. That’s about 440 (Platform) plus 240 (West End) equals 680 homes for the area in the coming years.

The Platform project really maximizes the land near the railroad tracks. Cabarrus and Dupont have never looked better. (in my opinion)

Next door, at the corner of West and Cabarrus, will be another apartment project that is planned to break ground this year. West End II will include over 240 apartments and kind of compliment Platform in style. West End plans to open in 2025 so the construction party is only half over for anyone using West Cabarrus.

See more about Platform over at Cline Design.

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