Site Plans for Smokey Hollow Show Johnson Street Connection

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A quick one today before folks peel away for the holiday weekend.

The submitted plans for Smoky Hollow, a mixed-use project mainly along North West Street near Peace Street, shows a connection between a currently disconnected Johnson Street. The screenshot above says it all. Check out case S-040-16 on the city’s development activity page for more.

No other plans about the building are shown. I imagine you need to get the street right before moving on to that part. Jump to this google map to see what the area currently looks like.

Aerial Visualization of New Capital Boulevard Bridges

Thanks to a few readers who found this aerial visualization of the Peace Street and Wade Avenue Bridge replacement project. NCDOT should start this project this summer.

For more on it, especially the Peace Street part, go here.

A raise of the glass goes out to Jim who made this overlay of projects on top of a screen grab from the video. Click for a larger view.

The Capital Boulevard aerial doesn’t consider the new Williams and Kane joint projects but with the announcement posted earlier this week and the Smokey Hollow LLC purchase nearby you can see some of the possible development outcomes of the new square loop.

A Johnson Street connection from Glenwood to Capital would make for a great grid of streets around the planned developments and hopefully ones in the future. Johnson at Capital could be a major entrance to Glenwood South for those coming from North Raleigh.

With the Devereux Meadow Park on one-side of Peace, the opposite side has to come at a premium due to how much traffic is funneled down Peace Street. With Peace being practically the only east-west artery in this area, I imagine the vehicle, bike, and ped counts will continue to be higher than other streets.

Mixed-Use Development Announced for West Street

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In a press release sent out last week, Kane Realty Corporation and Williams Realty & Building Company are announcing a new development for their property along North West Street. We recently highlighted a couple of things in planning for this street here on the blog so I encourage readers to jump back if they haven’t seen it.

From the press release:

The project is expected to provide 400+ Class-A residential units and retail above covered parking.

Residents of downtown, Glenwood South and adjoining neighborhoods will enjoy pedestrian and vehicular access to retail, and the Project’s own residents will enjoy separate parking, two clubrooms, an interior courtyard, and an elevated terrace overlooking Downtown Raleigh, in addition to many more Class-A amenities.

This is most likely the talked about Smokey Hollow project mentioned elsewhere on the internets, a nod to the former neighborhood that was wiped out by the urban renewal projects of the mid-1900s that brought us the elegant Capital Boulevard. In the Google map below, the project is on the site of the Southland Ballroom and Themeworks buildings.

[UPDATE: After confirming with Kane Realty, this project is meant for the corner of Peace and West street, as some of the commenters had pointed out.]