Site Plans for Smokey Hollow Show Johnson Street Connection

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A quick one today before folks peel away for the holiday weekend.

The submitted plans for Smoky Hollow, a mixed-use project mainly along North West Street near Peace Street, shows a connection between a currently disconnected Johnson Street. The screenshot above says it all. Check out case S-040-16 on the city’s development activity page for more.

No other plans about the building are shown. I imagine you need to get the street right before moving on to that part. Jump to this google map to see what the area currently looks like.

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  1. This is Publix. They will not disclose it until the plans are approved by the COR as they do with any site. The New Harrington Grove will extend to Peace. The old section of Harrington will be removed with the 2 lots becoming one. There are two massive storm culverts and major sewer outfall that will be impacted by this work. Kane will bust downtown wide open.

  2. Those “storm culverts” are Pigeon House Creek. Since it is a blue line stream, really it should be daylighted with 50 foot buffers, but I am not familiar enough with the Neuse rules to know how existing culverted streams are treated. I know the City is taking all of its N out at the WWTP so doesn’t have to even try and push for N removal in tributary streams, but it sure would be nice to have our urban streams back as much as possible.

  3. @Mark. As you know, the Pigeon House Branch disappears north of Peace Street and doesn’t reappear in any meaningful way until west of St. Mary’s Street in Cameron Park. It runs under the 510 Glenwood building and Glenwood Towers. It makes a brief, sad appearance to the immediate north of 712 Tucker….err……Devon 712 apartments for half a block west of Boylan Ave..
    From what I gather, this Kane development will largely be on the western side of the natural creek flow. It would be nice to have it opened on the eastern edge of the project as a feature but since it’s impossible to open it fully from Peace to Cameron Park without blowing up some major buildings, I think it’s unlikely that the city will force that issue.
    It’s also practically parallel to the extension of Harrington St. See link below.

  4. John, yeah …you mean south of Peace but I’m with ya. I suppose I was lamenting the timid implementation of nutrient rules such as these first and foremost. Were this a green site, no hard structure could be within 50 feet of the top of the channel. Anything already covered over is under no requirement at all to be included in the protective rules. There are of course grants and loans for acquiring property and returning it to buffer status (like is being done up near Crabtree Blvd) but this is elective stuff only, and municipalities tend not to do it unless a) there is an economic outcome being sought as well (like on Capital/Crabtree) or b) its cheaper to remove N and P from your nutrient control strategy in this manner first before attacking those things at the wastewater treatment plants like I understand Charlotte was doing at one point on Sugar Creek. I always hoped to see Peace picked up on a bridge a couple of feet and carried over Pigeon House and a greenway extended under Peace from Devereux Meadows to eliminate the need to cross Peace from that park to the downtown grid. The stream is so far below the current road grade, the bridge would not have to be very high at all (stand at Peace/West and and look east you’ll see you actually get a flat road and remove the dip)). Smokey Hollow could have terraces and restaurant patios facing the opened up stream. This whole thought of mine is an outgrowth of Leo’s push for the at-grade approach to Capital/Peace…a whole new layout could be had here. Sure things will be better as they are currently proceeding, but man, I think there is an entirely different level of opportunity being lost here…

  5. @Mark. Actually I meant that the creek disappears on the north side of Peace. The north side is the last time you see it open as you follow it southward (and then westward) until it appears again in all its meagerness on the west side of Boylan. We are saying the same thing. :-)
    As for Peace St. at grade w/Capital, I know all about that because I was the one who came to Leo with that idea in hopes that his and others’ clout could get attention for the idea. Alas, it didn’t happen. #sadness

  6. I did go to the CAC Meeting tonight @ 401 John Greene Center but The Developer for The N&O Site did not come . The CAC people said that the developer canceled because there were enough issues between them & the city that has not been worked out & hopefully a meeting will take place in August .

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