Latest Update on Raleigh Bikeshare Plans for May 2018 Launch

If you can’t see the embedded video, click here. I’m catching up on my city council updates. During the November 21, 2017 meeting, the city’s Transportation Planning Manager, Eric Lamb, gave us an update on the planned Raleigh Bikeshare and asked the council to approve moving forward with signing a contract with the preferred vendor, […]

Limebike Bikeshare Spotted Around Downtown Raleigh

With so much attention going to the city’s bikeshare system, planned to launch in Spring 2018, this was somewhat of a surprise for me. NC State helped launch a private installation of Limebike a few weeks ago and recently, the citrus-colored bicycles have been spotted around downtown Raleigh. I couldn’t help myself, I just had […]

City Releases First Map of Proposed Bikeshare Stations

The city has posted their first map of proposed stations for the upcoming Raleigh Bikeshare system. Jump over to to see the whole thing. The system plans for 30 stations and 300 bikes. Planners want the system running by Spring 2018. This map is the first draft of proposed stations and further work is […]

Municipography, Food Trucks and Raleigh Bikeshare

Municipography is a summary of current issues going through the Raleigh City Council and other municipal departments in the city. The point is to try to deliver any video, photos, and text associated with the discussions happening at City Hall or elsewhere. Since this is a downtown Raleigh blog, the focus is on the center […]

Council Discusses Bikeshare in Raleigh

Denver Bike Share Station by Mikeshoup During last week’s city council meeting, discussions about a possible bike share system in Raleigh took place. A presentation by Eric Lamb, the Transportation Planning Manager, took the council through a brief recap of what has been done so far, for the benefit of the newer council members, and […]

Sharing Bikes, It’s What Raleighites Do

San Antonio B Cycle Station Or will do anyway according to a recent report. I just went through most of the recently released 2014 Raleigh Bike Share Feasibility Study. The conclusion of the study finds that a bike share system in Raleigh is feasible. You can get the study here (pdf) or see it and […]

Field Research, Riding Around on the San Antonio B-cycle

Last week, I was in San Antonio for a few days and had an opportunity to check out the city for the first time. As well as seeing the town, strolling on the much talked about Riverwalk, and eating breakfast tacos I made a point to try out B-cycle, the bike share service with programs […]

Video: Bikeshare in Raleigh

Bike Share in Raleigh via City of Raleigh on YouTube Here’s another video from the ongoing Raleigh Urban Design Center’s education forums. This one focuses on bicycle sharing programs with guest speakers from Washington DC and Charlotte. The video gives you a ton of statistics and experiences from other systems around the country so I […]

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