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Killo Pest Control

This may not be new news but it is new for the site and for readers to start following. It was reported back in January of this year that the site of Killo Pest Control, at the corner of Martin and Person Streets, was sold to the same developer behind The Lincoln for $1.1 million.

Important to note is that the 0.21 acre site, shown above, is surrounded by over 2 acres of city-owned land, which they have shown interest in stirring new development here. The Moore Square redesign, planned to start this summer, is most likely meant to be that catalyst that gets this area going.

Below is map of the block sitting to the east of Moore Square with some labeling in color. The map was taken from iMaps.

  • Orange: Killo Pest Control
  • Yellow: Owned by City of Raleigh
  • Red: Owned by others

That block is all set for new buildings. It’ll be interesting to watch.

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  1. I’d be happy for there to be multiple developments on that block rather than one developer creating a megablock complex like the Lincoln, Edison, etc that create a monolithic look for a whole block.

    I know Stone’s warehouse is nearby that will have a specialty grocery, but maybe this block is a good spot for a Harris Teeter, Publix, or Piggly Wiggly for the east and south parts of downtown.

    Finally, portion should be affordable housing. City has leverage for what can be developed here.

  2. @mike – yes, yes, yes- I am with you in that I think the city should refuse to sell more land to the new owners of the Killo lot (unless it’s just that little piece right behind it) so that the Lincoln developers can’t build another crap suburban style building (sorry, but the Lincoln is one of the ugliest newer apartment buildings in Raleigh). That would force them to build something with a smaller footprint, and therefore would have to build up up up. Something taller needs to go in that spot, at least close in height to the SkyHouse building, IMO.

  3. This is off-topic for this thread, sorry, but I wanted to mention a recent N&O article reporting that the Sir Walter Apartments has been put up for sale for 16.8M. As most know this building is currently being used for HUD subsidized senior housing. That HUD contract remains in force until 2020 after which a new owner is free to redevelop at market rates.

    Perhaps this old hotel will be restored to its former grandeur as an upscale boutique hotel? It’s hard to predict what the future might hold but any decision to redevelop is almost certain to be controversial as such a move constitutes a major hit on affordable housing stocks.

  4. The city of Raleigh has updated their 2030 plan and that got me to wondering when the city is going to seriously consider its official DT boundary eastward. Given the expansion eastward, the rapid gentrification and investment in the area and the grid nature of the area, it would make sense to expand the boundary to S. Tarboro. Essentially, it would make sense to include all of 27601.
    Similarly, I would offer that Boylan Heights connected to the triangle bounded by Lake Wheeler, S. Saunders and Maywood would also make sense to include given the proximity to the Dix property and the desire of the city to make it an urban park.

  5. As a resident of the S Tarboro area, I think that makes good sense John. It certainly feels like an extension of downtown…really from City Market to Tarboro is the best area in town for people to own single family homes and be able to walk to downtown. FWIW worth, I am in 27610.
    Additionally, I vote “aye” for smaller, individual buildings on this block. Megablocks..well, I’m sick of them. Does anyone remember a rendering for a place called Boylan Flats? I’d love more stuff like that. Also, some the student oriented stuff on Hillsobrough St, would look pretty nice in downtown proper. I particularly like 2304 Hillsborough http://www.newcitydesign.com/on-the-boards/

  6. This one? http://www.raleighmsa.com/images/projects/DowntownRaleigh/BoylanFlats/BoylanFlats-RaleighNC-10.jpg
    This was supposed to directly across the street from my building on Boylan. It’s that sliver of land that is a parking lot behind the McDonalds. Not only did the economy go belly up but the city allowed that suburban model McDonalds to be built. IMO, this is one of the biggest fails of the city in my neighborhood. If the McDonalds had been an urban model, it would have set the tone for that stretch of Peace and encouraged developments like this one. Alas, a small project like this one will probably never be built on that site because it just doesn’t have the economy of scale and would be very expensive to buy and maintain in an HOA. It’s not that there isn’t a buyer for this sort of intimate project but I doubt you’d get high rollers wanted to live behind that McDonalds.
    That said, this sort of building would be perfect across the street from Moore Square. Not only would residents face the square but they’d also have lovely city views, especially in the Winter. I do think that the thoughtful developer could develop a big chunk of that property in a manner that will evoke individual buildings but the challenge is to not make it look like Disney.

  7. I’d like to see development here to. I’ve always imagined the block being split in half like the other sides of the Square. This would create additional circulation and break up the block face between Martin and Hargett.

  8. John, yeah that’s the one, though you found a slightly different rendering than I remember. It is too bad the City hadn’t thought of Peace as downtown core when McDonalds was being redone…alas

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