Pic of the Week

Killo Pest Control

This may not be new news but it is new for the site and for readers to start following. It was reported back in January of this year that the site of Killo Pest Control, at the corner of Martin and Person Streets, was sold to the same developer behind The Lincoln for $1.1 million.

Important to note is that the 0.21 acre site, shown above, is surrounded by over 2 acres of city-owned land, which they have shown interest in stirring new development here. The Moore Square redesign, planned to start this summer, is most likely meant to be that catalyst that gets this area going.

Below is map of the block sitting to the east of Moore Square with some labeling in color. The map was taken from iMaps.

  • Orange: Killo Pest Control
  • Yellow: Owned by City of Raleigh
  • Red: Owned by others

That block is all set for new buildings. It’ll be interesting to watch.