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Hillsborough Street, October 2017

The site for One Glenwood has been cleared and from Hillsborough Street you can get a sense of the view the offices will have of the core business district and of the warehouse district.

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  1. This project is extremely important for that area, as part 2 will have the Hotel and more retail. It will encourage a lot of growth in the area.

  2. I thought that part 2 is just starting off with a parking deck and then way down the road doing the hotel?

  3. It would seem to me that great views will be had starting from around the third floor. The property directly across the street is also zoned for 12 floors and could block the view at some point but that land is narrow & challenging and, in my opinion, isn’t going to be anyone’s first choice for that sort of development anytime soon.

  4. @John532 OH…. but it WILL happen, at some point. I didn’t know that though! Wonder why that site is zoned for 12, when this site is only getting 10?

  5. Just thinking out loud…. In my mind the area is close to being filled in pretty well. The two gas stations that are not Dram & Draught could be reused or replaced. The strip office building at Boylan/Hillsborough could use a street hugging residential over retail mid-rise and maybe the Eden Ultra Lounge space could also use a building pulled up to the side walk with residential over retail. And definitely that oddly placed NC CHIP building at Boylan/Morgan. Everything else west of the tracks, I think is fine after One and Two Glenwood go up. Ok, maybe 5 parcels = a lot, if they all pop as a result of this. It’s certainly one of my favorite strips in or near downtown (was just thinking that after getting some Char-Grill for lunch)

  6. Actually, this site is also zoned for 12, as is most of the area. Despite the zoning, I think the area between Glenwood and Salisbury will be much taller than 20 stories eventually. Once City Centre, Dillon, 400H, One Glenwood, and (hopefully) the new city hall go up, the demand for taller buildings will likely materialize.

  7. Steve, any news on City Centre? I heard it’s on hold since one of the lead developers Jim Baker, CEO of Lundy Group died in March. Anyone have news? I would love to see progress on this. RIP Jim Baker.

  8. FWIW, Mayoral candidate Charles Francis has come out against new City Hall proposal calling it “Taj Mahal City Hall”.

  9. Last I heard City Centre is still going through the review process. I don’t think Mr. Baker’s death has really impacted the timeline.

    I honestly think Francis is going to get crushed, but even if he wins, the city needs more space and the most logical option is to redevelop city hall.

  10. @Steve….well, Francis didn’t get crushed and is forcing a runoff with Nancy. Depending on who votes in November will determine who’s going to be mayor.

    @Jake….go look at the zoning map of the east side of Glenwood between Hillsborough and Morgan. The lots are really, really narrow and will be challenging to develop. If it does go vertical, it might be a nice location for a series of full floor condos in a super thin building.

  11. John,
    Eh, getting 48% in a three way race is a pretty strong showing. You’re not wrong, but I’d be shocked if she loses in November.

  12. Francis is a perfect example of what Raleigh doesn’t need. Obstructing all of the development and infrastructure improvements because growth means some people get pushed out. Nancy MacFarlane and the Council are working to address these issues, but not myopically focusing only on the poor black residents of Southeast Raleigh. The fact that he’s pushing for a runoff makes me like him even less, and worried for what happens when Nancy doesn’t run again.

  13. Yeah. I can’t see Raleigh’s small Republican contingent breaking for Francis. Next election another centrist will run to replace McFarlane.

  14. @Steve, you are correct. I can’t imagine any of 15% who voted for the Republican breaking for Francis. That said, those voters might not even participate in the runoff. At the end of the day, motivated voters will determine who wins the runoff. Complacency associated with general satisfaction might not be enough to defeat people who are not happy. Participation was pathetic yesterday and is likely to be even worse for the runoff.

  15. If District E has a runoff (does anyone know?), then that particular district might determine the mayoral runoff. If that comes to pass, then I’d say it would favor Nancy.

  16. Hey all, been off the boards for a while, so forgive me if this is an old topic…is the west st. extension going to happen (under the new U.S. and adjacent tracks)?

  17. Exciting that One Glenwood is starting. I’m ready to see the area between Quorum and Dillon towers start filling in.

    Do we have timelines? i.e.

    Do we know when Two Glenwood starts? As it provides the parking for this project, I’d expect it to start soon as well?

  18. Will – The transportation bond referendum that was passed yesterday includes partial funding for the project. They would still seek federal grant funding for the rest of it though.

  19. Two Glenwood with retail is starting and phase 1 has to be completed to meet parking requirements for One Glenwood. The retail is part of phase 1 and hotel phase 2. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the hotel move up the timeline as there are 2 more hotels in “early” stages for glenwood south area. two tracts already zoned DX-7-SH for one.
    @Steve, the centrist who was going to run was Bonner and he got beat. Francis isn’t done. SE Raleigh doesn’t get the perks that midtown gets and therefore the votes won’t be there for a centrist especially is Francis runs in two years.SE Raleigh is a gem just needs sidewalks and few projects to move it along. Bond money should have gone for Lake Wheeler road upgrades and Rock Quarry Road upgrades as new Y there.

    Also, 165 to 200 million for new city complex is waste when employees will be required to pay $120 to park. Yes , they do now and will in the future. Sure the mayor, manager, and top management get free parking but call McLaurin parking and find out. The free parking for employees is on St. Mary’s street if there before 8.Great discussion as always.

  20. I hate the term ‘triangle’. Couldn’t they shorten the pitch to ‘TDHQ2’? Sounds much catchier…pun intended.

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