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Corner of Hillsborough Street and Glenwood Avenue

Corner of Hillsborough Street and Glenwood Avenue

Construction fencing is in place along Glenwood Avenue between Hillsborough and Morgan Street. That probably means demolition will take place soon to make way for construction on One Glenwood, the 10-story office building with ground-floor retail.

There’s also fencing along Morgan, across the street from the site, at the warehouse that used to house Shelton’s Furniture. Perhaps this site will also get demolished as well.

Construction fencing along Morgan Street

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  1. @ Leo
    Thank you for the pictures and update. Despite the specifics of the project at least it is finally started and will replace a parking lot and eyesore of buildings.

  2. This is one of those key sites that will link Glenwood South to the Warehouse District.
    Let’s hope that the ground level retail experience does its job because it’s at the street level that neighborhoods are connected.

  3. Both sites are getting demolished. The old Shelton’s is to be replaced with a parking deck that will service One Glenwood and a hotel. There is no way anyone would lease a building without a place to park so the demo to both sites has to occur in parallel.

  4. @Jeff. I just looked online and it appears that you are correct. It looks like the enjoyment of the terrace (which properly faces east and south) will likely be the privilege of one tenant. For such a prominent location with basically unobstructed DT views, it’s really disappointing to think that it won’t be enjoyed by many.
    So, basically, in combination with the disappointing rooftop view from the new Residence Inn, it’s strike 2.

  5. There’s also a north facing terrace that should also give the building a nice Glenwood South overlook from the top of the “hill”.

  6. @Chris – I had seen a couple of those new photos but had not yet seen the “night image” with the lighting on the building- that looks amazing!!! Cannot wait to see that lit up at the top of the hill.

    @TheNightHawk – I read the development beat and have read some comments on here and the Triangle Urban Planet page regarding that boutique hotel idea, and understood it more as the developers are trying to get the land rezoned in order to build what they would be planning, so it sounds like it’s still very much in the wait-and-see phase. Not going to get my hopes up until we hear of a rezoning approval and some renderings!

  7. TBJ just posted an article on ONE Glenwood. Looks awesome! Very Excited about this!

  8. @Nighthawk, thanks for the video. Had to do a little snooping to find a working link. I’m sure someone with better skills can paste a site-friendly version. I’m not sure if anyone will get this, but the “tenant only sky lounge” or whatever reminds me of that scene in Wolf of Wall Street with Matthew McConaughey where they’re having lunch in that private restaurant. This is a family-friendly site so I won’t elaborate…

    Also, somehow I never realized the building is oriented towards downtown. I always thought the renderings were from the south side. The east-facing orientation makes this project much better, imo.

  9. I looked at the promotional video for 1 Glenwood. (Vimeo.com oneglenwood.
    ) IMHO this is a very cool style of building, they are from Towson MD, thinking back to when I lived in DC and how the areas around D.C. And Northen VA started to change very fast, they put up a lot of these really cool multi purpose buildings with parking always a major factor and stuff them with top notch amenities and services which we lack in most of our buildings.

    It seems that we may need outside development resources to do anything out of the ordinary blah encouraged by the powers that be.

    The building, hotel and parking along with amenities will make the the premier business development environment for companies in Raleigh, nice spot to host clients.

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