Modern Townhomes, The Ware, Coming to Chavis Way, Stone’s Warehouse

Rendering of The Ware townhomes

Monarch Properties has announced plans, along with renderings, for their townhome project along Chavis Way. This is right next to all the work taking place at Stone’s Warehouse by Transfer Company.

The townhomes were designed by Raleigh architecture firm Clearscapes with front doors along Chavis Way and the greenway.

Work on the food hall has really picked up recently and they are landing some very promising tenants including Boulted, Jubala, Videri Chocolate, Saxapahaw General Store, Centro, and Gallo Pelon.

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  1. Even though I am personally not a fan of the modern look, I would say that this project looks like it fits in with the neighborhood very nicely. Good job!

  2. Robert you should check out how much modernist stuff is recetnly completed or coming. It’s quite interesting even if not your style. 10Arros, West+Lenoir(ish) and the other Lambert project on South Street, The project on St Mary’s and over a dozen free standing houses, in places like Edenton and New Bern St(6 total or 7 if you count the older one), Wake Forest Road, Chamberlin St, East Davie St, East Harget St, Tarboro Road, several (4 I think) adjacent to Chavis Park proper. I think this is a good way for Raleigh to grab it’s best hope for an identity, which floats somewhere between tech and architecture/arts.

  3. I came across an interesting SI article today entitled, “MLS expansion race began with 12, but will enough viable bids even emerge?” In the author’s view political realities have now derailed many (what appeared on the surface) sparkling expansion proposals. Could this race really come down to those left standing?

    I admit a certain level of frustration over not hearing substantive details about our stadium plan by now. The author is quick to discount our bid chances for this very reason but Steve Malik himself has stated that he won’t be coming forth with details until a solid plan has been put in place. This approach, although painful for the hurry up and get it done crowd like me, is a far cry better than dealing with the political fall-out of a “pie in the sky” proposal crashing down into pieces. Who knows … could Raleigh be one of the few entrants still standing come decision time? Sure seems plausible considering Malik’s pledge to privately fund our stadium.

    My sincere apologies to those who revile soccer posts.

  4. @ Mark
    Thank you!
    Good projects! East & SE downtown Raleigh is imho a great place for these types of lower rise, modernist homes/townhomes/apartments.

  5. @Robert, I think that we’ll see a lot more of these types of projects because the UDO doesn’t allow for a whole lot more in a significant area to the east of Moore Square. IMO, the future of this area is mosaic of restored homes, modernist single family homes, row homes/townhouse and 3 story urban apartment buildings.

  6. Thanks Stew ! Good Post ! Pulling for MLS for Raleigh ! Also if you get a chance , Google The Atlantic League / High Point Baseball Project ! The Triad Business Journal has a April 4th article / pictures on this project ! All I know is that some Raleigh Leaders has read this article!

  7. RE modernist homes, I forgot the most written about one…Louis Cherry’s home in Oakwood!
    RE price point for the Stones Warehouse townhouses I did some math with ranges per sqft as follows (info sometimes gleaned from news articles + what the websites had)
    10Arros $281-303/sqft (4/10 sold all the end units)
    220 The Saint $281-339/sqft (4/17 sold)
    Hargett Place $386-437/sqft (7/19 sold)
    West+Lenoir $364-?? /sqft (6/12 ph I sold)
    So assume what you will from that…probably 300-375 a sqft. Jason Queen is known to push the limits of the market.

  8. John532, if you recall we discussed whether 220 The Saint or Hargett Place would sell better and right now its nearly neck and neck. West+Lenoir obviously has the highest %

  9. @Mark.
    Hargett Place has received sooooo much press and hype. The Saint? crickets….
    Hargett Place has a glossy, sexy website; The Saint has nothing more than a Facebook Page (That I can find).
    Hargett Place has views. The Saint doesn’t.
    Hargett Place is being sold at a lower price point.
    And they’re running neck and neck? okay.

    Frankly, I wouldn’t buy either. I don’t see how they can be imagined as investments when they are being sold above the market.

  10. Not sure if you read my post just before the “neck and neck” one (the neck and neck was just the objective sales numbers). The highest per sqft price is actually Hargett Place. But I agree that its not really apples to apples on several fronts as you point out. In addition to your points, the construction sequencing at The Saint also makes me think amateurs are running the show…perhaps funding isn’t at 100% and they need presales to proceed, buts been very stop and go. And the site is running the risk of being a giant swimming pool unless they get the stormwater management worked out…I see some work going on on the east side of the site, but can’t tell if its upsized sanitary sewer, or they are trying to direct surface runoff down the existing swale or what.

  11. Given that The Saint doesn’t seem to have a professional mechanism running it and it’s priced where it is, it’s not impossible to imagine it not coming to complete fruition as it’s currently masterplanned.
    If I had deep pockets, I’d be assembling a few contiguous blocks on the east side to develop a much more substantial community of row houses inclusive of corner businesses and without interruption mid-blocks for driveways. I’d put in N/S alleys to access units’ parking and I’d develop a central community amenities “unit” with a community room, a gym and a rooftop pool for all to share. To me, that’s the sort of place that I’d expect for the price that these projects are asking.

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