Heck-Andrews House Sold By The State

The Heck-Andrews house in a 2009 photo.

After being owned by the state for about 30 years, the elegant Heck-Andrews house has finally been sold. The N.C. Association of Realtors will pay $1.5 million for the house.

Important to note is that this sale is part of the governor’s plans to revitalize the state government area, Project Phoenix as it’s called. The sale of more state-owned mansions along Blount Street is planned in the near future.

For more on the Heck-Andrews house itself, I highly recommend this fantastic read on Goodnight, Raleigh. A Storied Structure: The Heck Andrews House — Inside Out

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  1. Just noticed yesterday the Andrews-London house (just across North Street from Heck-Andrews) and the three houses immediately north of it all went up for sale too (Norris, McGee, Andrews-Higgs). This brings those in State possession in this area to less than 10 I think…Hawkins-Hartness, Caprehart, Lee, Grimes, Syme, Williams + one next to Hawksin-Hartness facing Blount (the governor’s guest house is for sale, Bailey-Tucker, the only one currently for sale on the Hawkins-Hartness block) and the Pell and Beckwith houses. Here is the old Blount Street commons info where you can see most of these. http://bsc.net-by-design.com/Residences/HistoricHomes.aspx

  2. Stew , The max. feet for a 12 story is 150 ft. & the 10 story will be 150 ft. per The TBJ ! The city council is having a special meeting in council chambers Monday Feb. 1st concerning real estate in The Moore Square area .Schedule for 5 p.m. !

  3. Dwight, speaking about Moore Square area real estate, my little brain is thinking, and I may be going way out there, that the Novare Group, making such a great profit selling Skyhouse, may be looking to build a second tower somewhere downtown and the block between the park and the Lincoln would be a good location. They are building all kinds of residential buildings in Atlanta.

  4. William , I wonder if this is concerning the Killo Exterminator Deal , or the Hobbs 18 story project , or what you have suggested ? This meeting is open to the public , I believe ?

  5. I wish these houses were zoned for something more than offices. A little cafe or coffee shop would do nicely on the ground floor of one of these and would help tie the downtown area in with the North Person district.

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