Picture: Heck-Andrews House

Heck-Andrews House on Flickr (via DTRaleigh)

Among the first grand residences built in Raleigh after the Civil War, the Heck-Andrews House set the tone for the subsequent development of North Blount Street as an enclave of the well-to-do. Industrialist Jonathan McGee Heck had the towering Second Empire house constructed for his wife Mattie in 1869 on what was then the edge of town.

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  1. Great shot Leo. Were it in b&w with a horse drawn carriage parked out front, this view could easily harken back a hundred years. The Heck-Andrews House has been my favorite Blount Street mansion since I was a kid.

  2. An outstanding shot, indeed!!! As for the house, it is a gem and I envy the person who will end up buying this great home – yes, he/she will have to spend a lot of money to restore it, but it is well worth it, IMO.

  3. Sherry – The story on the fountain that I’ve always heard is that it was once the centerpiece of the extensive gardens of Heck-Andrews house. The Andrews-London house was built next door in 1918 on the site of the gardens, and the fountain was then moved to the front lawn of Peace College. If you look closely at an enlarged view of the 1872 Drie map of Raleigh, you can just make out what looks like the fountain on the south lawn of Heck-Andrews.

    Ernest – The state sold most of its Blount St. holdings to the Blount Street Commons project for private development in 2005, but retained ownership of Heck-Andrews, Andrews-London and Hawkins-Hartness across the street — Alas.

  4. I had no idea about the Heck Andrews still being under the state’s ownership. What a shame :( On the other hand, considering how things are moving these days with the Blount Street Common, it may not be a total disaster either.

  5. I was wandering if at any time, during the summer, anyone can tour the Heck/Andrews Mansion? My cousin and I would love to see the inside since we are Heck descendants. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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