First Rendering of One Glenwood

It seems the Downtown Raleigh Alliance is sharing a rendering of One Glenwood on Twitter. The building is planned for the corner of Hillsborough Street and Glenwood Avenue.

The stats:

  • 219,500 s.f. of office space
  • 14,500 s.f. of retail
  • 10-stories

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  1. The address 1 Glenwood Avenue would either mean 1 North Glenwood, the northwest corner (where Snoopy’s is) or 1 South Glenwood, the southeast corner (where the little sign shop is). But this rendering looks like the sunset is behind the building with Hillsborough along the right side of the building, so it would be the southwest corner, which would carry the address 2 South Glenwood. Any of these locations would be good. I sure hope it is not the northeast corner, which has the finest building in the area, the old National Art Interiors building.

  2. Matthew,

    From what I gather the building will occupy the Glenwood Ave facing side of 605 Hillsborough St and 606 Morgan St. Per the rendering ,the front side (or East elevation) would be on Glenwood Ave.

  3. Looks good. Hoping for a retail space that can anchor that end of Glenwood and connect Glenwood South to the Warehouse district.

  4. Hopefully with the 2-tower 20-story project and the other 20 story project supposedly happening on Hillsborough st this will really connect Glenwood South to the rest of downtown as well. My understanding is it is going to be across Hillsborough St from Snoopy’s, so essentially the southwest corner of the intersection with Glenwood Ave.

    Looks really good. I was expecting some more bland apartments with empty ground floor retail space.

  5. I really like One Glenwood, great that it’s not more apartments, just wish they’d gone to 12 floors which is max allowed by zoning according to N&O article. Perhaps they hit that pesky max height limitation instead since this isn’t residential.

    It’s great to think about a large tech firm potentially taking up residence there. That would do wonders for the area as Citrix did for the Warehouse district.

    I wonder how the developer is going to connect to the parking deck planned across the street at 607 W. Morgan? I hate to think half of the lot (Shelton’s Furniture) being devoted to a parking deck. Sigh …

  6. Hey Matthew! We talked quite a bit over on UrbanPlanet….the N&O article posted over there seems to make it clear its the SW corner of Hillsborough and Glenwood. The building you mention should be safe. Indeed its my favorite as well….hoping Gensler stays for a few decades or so…

  7. When are they going to finish up the Edison project? They said fall,but Spring is just around the corner! Have they had a change of heart?
    And what’s this about 2 twenty story towers on Hillsborough? First I’ve heard of that! Is it confirmed or just rumors? Bring me up to speed on that one please!

  8. wtf… from that N&O article^ “The parking deck would occupy about half the 607 W. Morgan site. Blair said Heritage hasn’t finalized what it plans to do with the remaining land.” Here’s a novel idea: build the parking deck into another mixed use building. Can’t believe I’m the first person in history to come up with that idea. More realistically we’re looking at yet another monolithic standalone parking deck (maybe with some ground floor retail spots…… if we’re REALLY lucky) which will be less than 100ft away from the massive, monolithic Citrix parking deck. Still very excited for the new building, but slightly less so now. I don’t even care that they’re tearing down the furniture store – I’ve always wanted something taller in that spot. Just not a $#%$@#& parking deck.
    P.S. – the article mentioned nothing about Moonlight Pizza, hopefully that will remain, at least.

  9. @ Jake

    I agree. I was riding though DT with my wife one day and she pays very little attention to these types of things the way we do on this website. As we were passing Citrix she said, “the parking deck is bigger than the building.” That was the first thing she noticed.

    I just wanted to validate your point.

  10. Thanks Leo for everything you do! I am back and forth between Raleigh and Rio… a little hard to keep up with everything… you make it much more easier!

    I do like this rendering… i hope it does not alter much… great addition to that area!

  11. @Bob – exactly. A parking deck isn’t so bad when it’s integrated into the building nicely (the Dillon rendering is a *decent* example, still not great but certainly decent) or when the building at least outshines the deck. But that Citrix parking deck is just a tragedy. And this building will be much bigger than Citrix so I worry their parking deck will be even more of a monolithic eyesore. This is just another example of when I say Raleigh always takes two steps back for every step forward. We can’t even get a cool new building without a garbage parking deck next door. Crossing my fingers they decide to do something unexpected!

  12. Just a casual glace makes me think most of it will be below the Morgan grade. My guess is it will sit mid-block and there’ll be room for buildings fronting both Morgan and Hargett. A prefab, will probably not allow anything new built on TOP of it, but if its a poured in place it could also allow additional structure to be built on top of it so either situation lends itself to plenty of idea space for getting structures around or on the parking structure.

  13. @Mark – I like your thinking. Would definitely not mind the deck being behind a couple small buildings along Morgan, but I think it would be a huge mistake not to build the deck, as you stated, with the future option to build on top of it. Here’s hoping you’re on to something.

  14. Not to Confuse you with the Other Mark, But Im just Curious as to Why stop at 20 Stories tall, Is there Certain Restrictions as to how tall a Building can be? Wouldn’t let say 30, 35 or even 40 stories tall be Better? I would really Like to know. Just asking.

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