Newest Rendering of the Edison Office

Saw this on Twitter. This project is increasing in height it looks like.

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  1. JDavis must have hired new architects (in Raleigh office) from other cities around country! Traditionally this firm has designing nothing but crap!! This building is a nice first rendering, but not thrilled with ground floor retail design. Does this firm know how to incorporate art, fountains and a signature entrance!? Design an entrance and retail level that is different (maybe an entrance that is set back from the street, with a fountain and art around the building.
    But this is an improvement over the other ugly designs they have presented and/or developed in OUR downtown.

    Be nice if it was 40 stories with the PNC building in the foreground (wishful thinking).

  2. Eh, I think it looks a lot like the Red Hat tower. The dark glass is nice I suppose, but nothing overly special about it. Yet another box. It really is a shame the original iteration of the Edison never materialized, but I am happy things are starting to get built downtown again.

  3. 275 total feet. 5 floors of parking and 12 office floors. Seems like everyone is scared to build anything taller than 300 feet in downtown Raleigh

  4. This is just my opinion . I hope that The North Tower Charter Square is built before The Edison.
    Nothing against The Edison , I just like Charter Square’s location better for our skyline.
    Dwight Nipper

  5. Also, if you go back a few days on J Davis’ twitter, they uploaded this same image, but what it would look like at night, and it appears that they have some purple/blue hue lights at the top that would add some GREAT color to the skyline along with the SECU building blue light, BB&T green lights, and the Holiday Inn green lights!

  6. BUT: i guess i do have one complaint- we were originally told that this would end up becoming the 4th tallest in Raleigh, beating out the 276.88ft One Progress Plaza building… well, 275 is still shorter than 276 FYI

  7. Yeah that’s a big blow. Thought we were going to get a 300 ft building but it’s going to end up being similar to the Skyhouse in height.

  8. Any updates for:
    two lots next to Memorial Auditorium?
    Greyhound property?
    hotel across from that ugly Empire L Bldg?

  9. Everyone with an East view @PNC Plaza condos will rejoice that neither Edison site project will block their views or peer into their windows.

  10. I like it! Too bad it’s going to be hidden by PNC. A block in any direction would make it more visible, plus 10 more floors would have really made it stand out.

  11. I saw from the Red Hat parking deck today they’ve started pouring the concrete foundation for the Edison apartments.

  12. Josh , The Edison suppose to be where the SkyHouse constrution trailer is located . If you are driving on Wilmington St. , it is @ the corner of Martin & Wilmington , South side .
    Dwight Nipper

  13. Beautiful….But Why are they so scare to build it at least 30 or 40 stories tall.Also why so close together there are plenty of spaces in downtown, would be nice to see this building at Warehouse district or glenwood south.Well at least Downtown Raleigh is steady on the move. Slowly anyway.

  14. Mark: I don’t think fear is keeping them from building taller. That would mean additional cost, additional time, and additional tenants pre-leasing. Since they are building this to eventually make a profit, not just please us on a blog, I’m sure they have done their research on what makes sense for their purpose. Also, they already scaled up the height from the previous plan.

    It is part of a project for the block: Edison Apartments, Skyhouse, parking deck, and Edison office building. Not to mention it would like absurd at this point to have a 40 story skyscraper coming up out of the middle of Glenwood South next to Mellow Mushroom. ;-)

    This isn’t the only project going up in downtown. There’s at least a dozen new buildings, perhaps more. I’m way happier to see the empty spaces and rundown small buildings disappearing than I am concerned about the lack of skyscrapers at this point.

  15. Now that you mentioned it Jeff… does sound and make sense, I’m sure at some point that there will be other tall high rises buildings in Raleigh’s future. Yeah..the empty spaces that are filling in would be a good thing.

  16. Anyone know if there are any immediate plans for the two empty lots across from Raleigh Memorial Auditorium?

    Or all the empty lots near and around the McDonald’s across from Memorial Aud.?

    Those lots around that McDonald’s right up to Shaw are an eyesore (a number of those small buildings near Shaw need to be leveled). That whole area is prime for an entertainment/Office/retail, etc. District(would be great to serve the residents, visitors and students of Shaw)

  17. I had the same thought Jerry. All that prime space not being developed. The Pope house could be moved. To Shaw’s campus I would hope. That old McDonalds could be relocated in one of the new buildings. Not sure about the Lincoln theatre. They might have to build around that. Whatever the plan is I hope that’s the next spot for a big development of some kind. Anything over 25 stories would be a big upgrade to the “Money Shot” IMO. Also the area where south of red hat. Where Sir Walter was is just sitting. Another great spot for future development.

  18. What would make Raleigh stand out,is a Signature Building.If Developers had Build the Soleil Center In Downtown it would of really put Raleigh on the Map.

  19. I attended the 10 yr. vision plan for downtown Raleigh tonight & I met David Diaz , Director Of The Urban Center . After I met David , I said “David , I know this is a long shot , but would you ask Jim Goodnight if he would consider bringing a baseball team to downtown Raleigh ? He looked @ me with a big smile & said that you & I are on the same page because he is talking to Mr . Goodnight presently . He said that if this doesn’t work out , Raleigh will try to get a Pro Soceer team . He said that Raleigh was looking @ a site between The Dix Property & MLK Blvd . The plan also calls for high rises on the south side of Duke Energy Arts Center , one in Glenwood South , one in Market Plasa , & one in The Warehouse District . They would be either hotels , offices , residentals , retail , ect. These plans will be online shortly , but the speaker did not say which site on line . I’m very excited on what I saw & so glad that I went . Dwight Nipper

  20. Blake – 290ft is MUCH taller than the Red Hat building! They done messed up in that article! Red Hat bldng is about 250ft tall, give or take. One Progress Plaza, currently the 4th tallest bldng in Raleigh, stands at about 277ft tall, which will make The Edison officially become the new 4th tallest!!!

    Dwight – ALWAYS full of good information, you are! Can’t wait to hear the plans!!!!

  21. Thanks Jake & Jeff , I did speak to Brad Corsmeier with CBRE today & he said that the South Tower is leased @ 41 % . Wanted to pass this info. to everyone . Dwight Nipper

  22. Seems that Raleigh is finally getting up to speed,steady momentum that can only get faster. More Hotels/Offices in and around Downtown from Crabtree to North Hills. SO..what about all along Capital Blvd towards Triangle Town Center. It is the most congested area in Raleigh.Any Plans for that area?

  23. Jeff , If I hear anything on The North Tower , I will post the info. I’m sorry to say that I don’t have the contact any more with The Raleigh Official. I do hope that the BidClerk posting on the 11-story hotel is accurate . Take Care ! Dwight

  24. Josh , I have not heard anything about the status of The North Tower . The last info. I got on The South Tower was the lease was @ 47%. If I hear anything , I’ll post it for everyone .
    Take Care , Dwight Nipper

  25. Interesting article on N&O today about Isaac’s relocating to Capital Blvd. This, along with Reliable Jewelry & Loan, are the 2 remaining businesses where the Edison office building is being built. I disagree with the owner’s assessment that Saturday events are messing up his business (if anything, all the additional people downtown should help). Anyways, the interesting part was that he’s moving in January, but “has no idea what they’re building there” and “maybe in a year or two.” It makes no mention of the well-publicised plans to build the Edison offices, nor the timeframe of starting in a few months, when Skyhouse is complete. Did something change, or is this just typical single-note reporting?

  26. This building will have to be much taller than the PNC building for Mercedes to put their logo on it. Mercedes logo will have to be visible for miles, they will not settle for a low profile building that cannot be seen in the skyline

  27. @Jeff – Thanks for the link to new rendering. I like the looks of the building but, oh my gosh, does that 6-story Edison apartment building next door ever look terrible. The rendering bears out what a terrible mistake it was to build such a diminutive structure!

  28. The building doesn’t look bad at all. I just wish they’d gotten the height right in the renderings. Unless I missed something, these are renderings of the previous 12-floor proposal. The 19-story building should look quite nice in that spot. I can’t wait for the crane to go up.

  29. There’s also renderings on their site of the Edison Apartments. They are 7 stories in most places, though, and look pretty decent. It’s still a massive project. Agreed it would’ve been better to be really tall. Still better than the empty lots.

  30. Jeff, Thanks also for “The Edison” rendering! This is a good looking project! Dwight Nipper

  31. This is a nice looking building, wish it was 30-40 stories, but with the shiny black glass and 290 ft it should hold its own in the skyline. The Red Hat building is 240 ft and Skyhouse is 264.

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