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Musician Loading zone in downtown Raleigh

A few of downtown’s music venues have this new parking zone out front for musicians.

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  1. There is still one of these signs in front of Tir Na Nog. Considering it’s a trial period, maybe the city should give that permit to another venue in order to prevent the sample from being too small?

  2. @Jeff, you would be correct. Pour House is one that truly needed it, too – always a real PITA to load in there.

  3. So there are two loading zones on Blount right next to each other? Because you can totally use the loading zone in front of TNN to load into Pour House. I just park in the taxi zone and make sure someone keeps an eye on the car during load-in. But if there’s two of these right next to each other that seems… unnecessary.

  4. I’ll have to look to confirm this. But to my knowledge (and based on the map on the city’s website) bands playing the Pour House park directly in front of the Pour House. I regularly catch Ubers at the old Tir Na Nog spot since it’s easy to find but no one parks there and that is how I noticed the sign was still up even though the place is closed.

  5. This is a great thing for not only musicians who live in the area but also for musicians visiting. Shows the support of the City of Raleigh and the destination for live music and is representative of how great the music scene is here! We’re very grateful to have this pilot program going on. Rock on, Raleigh!

    Many thanks to Mayor McFarlane, Councilor Baldwin, Councilor Gaylord, Gordon Dash and the GRCVB Live Music Advisory Committee members (Adam Lindstaedt, The Pour House Music Hall; Steve Popson, Kings; Mark Thompson, Lincoln Theatre; Taylor Traversari, Red Hat Amphitheater; Dave Rose, Deep South Entertainment; and Van Alston, Slim’s Downtown) who met to bring this to fruition!

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