Upcoming Urban Design Center Education Forums

The Raleigh Urban Design Center has a new schedule of urban-related lecture forums and they stick with the theme of, “Raleigh 2025 – What’s Downtown Got To Do With It?” Last season, there were some pretty good ones related to bike sharing, downtown living, and open space. Here are some that you can watch again. […]

Downtown Raleigh Lecture Videos For Erasing Any Holiday Boredom

Bored over the holidays? Here’s a video that should get all Downtown Raleigh fans excited. It’s part of the Urban Design Center’s education forums titled, “Raleigh’s Identity -What’s Downtown Got to Do With It?” This is the first video of eight planned lectures. It’s very interesting to see the different downtown plans, with some going […]

The Planning Raleigh Series

I’m signed up. Are You? Details, straight to the point…. Where? Tir Na Nog Irish Pub (218 S. Blount St., Downtown Raleigh) When? April 21st, 2008 from 6:00 – 9:00 PM What else do I need to do? RSVP to Kristopher.larson@ci.raleigh.nc.us

Planning Raleigh 2030

The City of Raleigh has launched a new website, www.planningraleigh2030.com. Since news is slow I wanted to highlight this link and let you browse the many documents to see if you can find anything interesting. According to the timeline we should have an adopted plan approved sometime around May 2009. Here are a couple of […]

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