Upcoming Urban Design Center Education Forums

The Raleigh Urban Design Center has a new schedule of urban-related lecture forums and they stick with the theme of, “Raleigh 2025 – What’s Downtown Got To Do With It?” Last season, there were some pretty good ones related to bike sharing, downtown living, and open space. Here are some that you can watch again.

Lecture Forums

Urban Design Center
220 Fayetteville Street
12 Noon – 1:30 pm

While adding these events to my calendar, I decided to tweak them so I could share them with readers. Here are the XML, iCal, and HTML links for sharing. Hopefully they work with your personal calendars.

The events are all free and take place during weekday lunch hours. Go over to the city’s website to see all the topics but here are a select few that really focus on downtown Raleigh.

The Great American Downtown – 2025
October 23, 2013
Mitchell J. Silver, Chief Planning & Development Officer and Planning Director, City of Raleigh

  • What is the experience of place in great cities of the future?
  • How can Raleigh make it happen?
  • Who will be living in Raleigh in 2025?

Jobs + Talent 2025
December 4, 2013
James Sauls, Director, Economic Development, and Derrick Minor, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Manager, City of Raleigh, Economic Development Department

  • What types of industries are we trying to grow locally and recruit nationally?
  • How important is talent recruitment and retention to a community?
  • How do you establish a culture of innovation and creativity?

Back to the Future in Raleigh
February 12, 2014
Eric Lamb, PE, Transportation Planning Manager, City of Raleigh

  • How will people move in the City of Tomorrow?
  • How will the evolution of technology change the way we need to travel?
  • Are there places around the world today where we can glimpse the future?

Population Growth, Sustainability, and the Need for Urban Greenspace
April 23, 2014
Danesha Seth Carley, PhD., Assistant Professor, Department of Crop Science, NC State University

  • Is there a place for “green space” in the city of the future?
  • How can we increase and protect our green space and what value does that bring to our community?
  • How will the city be feeding itself in an era of diminishing resources and increasing carbon footprint?

Downtown: An Engine for Wake County’s Tourism Strategy
May 21, 2014
David Diaz, CEO, Downtown Raleigh Alliance, and Julie Brakenbury, Director of Services, Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau

  • What is the role of a downtown in attracting visitors?
  • What are downtown Raleigh’s key strengths challenges as a center for tourism?
  • How does the visitor bureau quantify the economic impact of downtown Raleigh’s tourism assets?

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