Weekend Reel: Economics of Downtown Development

I recommend email readers click through to the website to see the embedded video.

Here’s a great video that’s required watching for the connoisseur within. Raleigh’s Chief Planning and Development Officer, Mitchell Silver, gives a presentation about the return on investing in downtowns versus the suburbs.

I was at this presentation and thought it very informative. Enjoy!

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  1. Worth watching, but for a quick summary of Mitchell Silver’s points about the downtown Raleigh advantages to business and residents I’ve listed them here.

    Downtown Advantages to business
    – Access to universities
    – Proximity to government
    – Context to business nodes (banking, legal, accounting, design)
    – Fun & dynamic place to work for employees
    – Transit accessible / walkable

    Downtown Advantages for residents
    – The city is your living room
    – Reducing physical possessions
    – Fewer household duties
    – Healthier lifestyle through walking
    – More sustainable environmental effect
    – Opportunity for commute reduction
    – Social connectivity / diversity

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