Weekend Reel: State of Downtown Raleigh 2014

State of Downtown Raleigh 2014 – video link

Note: I hope the video works for you as Granicus didn’t have a download option and their embedded video isn’t the greatest out there.

In the video above you can watch this year’s State of Downtown Raleigh. There’s a good panel discussion that includes O’Hara Macken from Ipreo, Andy Andrews from Dominion Realty Partners (Charter Square), James Sauls, Raleigh’s economic development manager, and Mitchell Silver, our former Chief Planning Officer.

There’s a lot to celebrate with regards to what has been accomplished over the last 15 or so years. One underlying point that I’m hearing in watching this video is that we still need to continue to grow, compete, and keep that quality of life factor high. Great spaces and places, the Dorothea Dix park, and creative energy are the big things being talked about in this video.


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  1. Why no discussion of a sports arena or stadium? every town in NC of any size now has moved their baseball stadium downtown and the Capital doesn’t have a single sports venue downtown. Here’s a very recent article about Major League Soccer and Raleigh. a downtown stadium is a must to even land a franchise: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2010567-mls-expansion-why-raleigh-deserves-consideration-as-mls-moves-southeast#articles/2010567-mls-expansion-why-raleigh-deserves-consideration-as-mls-moves-southeast

  2. Uncle Jesse – while a sports arena/stadium might add some tourism value to our city (though I really don’t think it’s a “need” as much as it is a “want” at this point)…. Soccer? That’d be a “big win” for Raleigh, soccer??

  3. I’m not a huge soccer fan but at this point a 40,000 seat stadium downtown for any sports team would be a tremendous start. I think it’s more than just a “want”. In the core of a city, sports facilities, especially pro sports not only add to “tourist visits” but there are real dollars those tourists spend downtown that have a direct, quantifiable, and meaningful positive economic impact on the businesses that are downtown, much more than any suburban facility can do. Case in point, the ESA,RBC,PNC, XYZ arena. Hard to say that the backyard barbecue joint is the economic impact the City was looking for when they shortsitedly planted it in an empty parking lot 14 years ago.

  4. A Sports Arena in Downtown Raleigh would be a huge Hit for the City.Don’t know why on Earth would they built a Stadium Five miles outside of Downtown.Charlotte got a stadium downtown, why not Raleigh.You’ll have a 24/7 entertainment hot spot that will generate millions into the cities economy. Raleigh is just so spread out,and Not everybody in Raleigh owns a car to get around so the idea of a Stadium is not a bad idea.City Leaders should strongly consider it.

  5. They had to build the stadium a certain number of miles from the Durham Bulls, they were in the same league back then. Today, they are in different leagues and stadium locations would not be a factor. We all would love some kind of sports venue downtown.

  6. ^how were a minor-league baseball team and an NHL team in “the same league” ……. ?

  7. Also, the PNC Arena is closer to the Bulls Stadium than it would have been, had it been built dTown Raleigh…. soooo….. ??????

  8. I thought we were talking baseball stadiums, the mudcats and bulls were once in the same league. The league had rules on how close teams could be to each other. Since that time, the bulls have moved to AAA, the mudcats I think A. I tried to answer a guys question on why 5 county was way out in Zebulon.

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