Planning Raleigh 2030

The City of Raleigh has launched a new website, Since news is slow I wanted to highlight this link and let you browse the many documents to see if you can find anything interesting. According to the timeline we should have an adopted plan approved sometime around May 2009. Here are a couple of interesting points I noticed after maybe five minutes of browsing:

Of course, the stats may not really show anything. The districts are not the same size and those in north Raleigh are significantly larger then the ones downtown and around NC State. But should that matter since a city’s downtown is generally the densest area?

What I’m really interested in is a map with job density and traffic patterns around the city. That could really help us see where the upgrades to our transit system should go.

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It certainly does look pretty sad when the districts with the smallest populations are the ones in the urban core of the city. That’s what I call an utter failure in urban planning.

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