Cleaning up Bloomsbury Estates

The finishing touches to the building are being put up and the area around it is finally coming together. The sidewalk is being poured and the brick parking lot is being laid out. Just from walking around, the set back building reminds me of Park Deveraux, with an area for bushes and trees with a fence lining the sidewalk. I think this is fitting since the building sits on the edge of neighborhoods and there will be little foot traffic.

There is a stone on the corner of Boylan and Hargett that gives a shout out to the old Wake County courthouse. Readers, help me out here, has this stone always been at this location? I have actually never seen it before.

I know this building has been heavily criticized throughout the blogosphere but whatever your opinion is on Bloomsbury Estates, you’ve got to give them credit on the extra attention to detail. Compared to current condo buildings, this one has a little more substance then the others in downtown Raleigh.

New street, Independence Place, goes right in front of the building.

Living It Since 2008

The downtown condo supply has been slowly rising and we all have seen new buildings open up over the past few years. Help me out with the years if I’m off but

  • Palladium Plaza opened in 2007
  • The Quorum Center opened in 2006
  • The Dawson and The Paramount opened in 2005
  • The Hudson opened in 2005 (?)

There are other buildings that have been holding it down for longer then this but 2008 has to be exciting for the downtown condo scene as we welcome four newcomers to the party. As an extension to the WRAL article that touches this, here is the list.

RBC Condos

RBC is probably the most obvious and more unique of the group. It depends on your definition, but I think this is the first example of true high-rise living in Raleigh. Word is that all 139 condos have been sold.

Bloomsbury Estates

The seven story, 56 unit condo building is over half sold and should also open this year. Hopefully in the near future we will see the second phase of the project, which consists of the twin being built in the back.

222 Glenwood

The website is claiming that only nine units remain available in this building as of this writing. The location cannot get any better for fans of Glenwood South. The added retail presence along the street is a big welcome also. I heard from a friend that the views from the top are excellent.

West at North

This is a spacious building with a large footprint. The residents within the 170 condos will have a rooftop pool and easy access to Glenwood South. The ground floor retail will help West St. become Glenwood’s little brother.

Bloomsbury Throws Up A Brick

Here is a quick construction update on the first of two buildings at Bloomsbury Estates. The brick looks very nice and I think this condo building will stand apart from the rest of the ones going up downtown.

Sidetrack Brewpub is also coming along but at a snail’s pace. The bar is just now taking shape. Perhaps they are planning to open when the first of the BE residents move in. Who knows.

Bloomsbury Progress Summer ’07

Bloomsbury Estates has slowed down a bit lately. The floors were put up at a pretty normal pace but once they topped out, not much progress has been made. I went out there to take a look and it seems they have the metal siding put up. Hopefully soon they will have the walls up, giving us a good idea of what the building will look like. Although with its particular style, we may have to wait until its finished to see what this one will look like. By the way, I’m a big fan of the view down Hargett St.